Compost Tea

Penn treats the campus soil, grass, and plants with compost tea -- an organic alternative to chemical fertilizers

About Us

Five years since the launch of the University’s first Climate Action Plan, Penn looks back on a remarkable and steadily deepening array of accomplishments, and forward to a path of continual improvement in its ecological performance.

A message from Penn President Amy Gutmann on the launch of the Climate Action Plan 2.0, the university's roadmap for environmental sustainability.

Significant progress has been made on all of the initial goals from the 2009 Climate Action Plan, and some have been greatly exceeded. In each initiative there have been noteworthy successes, owing to the dedicated efforts of all members of Penn's Schools, Centers and Administration.

The Green Campus Partnership is the umbrella organization that was formed in 2007 to address environmental sustainability planning and policy development at the University of Pennsylvania and to coordinate programs and initiatives for a more sustainable campus.

Meet the team behind sustainability initiatives at Penn including Environmental Sustainability Director Dan Garofalo, Sustainability Strategic Planning Associate Sarah Fisher, Sustainability Associate Julian Goresko, and Sustainability Consultant Andrea Kreiner.

Our interns currently include (alpha) Sara Allan, Danielle Gambogi, Berenice Leung, Bailey Rowland, Austin Bream, and Emily Wei.

Penn's Sustainability team offers internship positions to motivated undergraduate and graduate students who demonstrate commitment to the University's Climate Action Plan.


The average distance food travels from farm to plate is 1,500 miles.