Our Commitment

Welcome to the Green Campus Partnership


Meeting on College Green takes on a whole new meaning these days for the Red and the Blue. Environmental sustainability is a defining issue of the 21st century. Higher education can play a leadership role in addressing global climate change.

Amy Gutman

Through its research, teaching, and operational practices, Penn is dedicated to promoting a sustainable culture and implementing environmentally-conscious policies.

I signed the American College and University President’s Climate Commitment in 2007 and pledged that Penn would develop plans to reduce our emissions of greenhouse gases. Our renewable energy purchases and our efficient operations have allowed us to exceed the Kyoto Protocol carbon reduction targets. Our Plan represents a new approach to how we think and behave.

I am pleased to share with you this summary of our strategies, and I invite you to explore the Green Campus Partnership website. Please join in our efforts to foster a more sustainable University community that raises environmental awareness and contributes to a healthier planet.

Amy Gutmann
Penn President


Penn President Amy Gutmann was the first Ivy League President to sign the Presidents' Climate Commitment.