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2013-14 Power Down Challenge College House Competition
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2013-14 Power Down Challenge College House Competition

The Power Down Challenge is a four-week energy competition among all College Houses and Sansom Place to see which residence can reduce its electricity the most over the course of the competition. Residents in each building are challenged to reduce their normal electricity usage and help play a role in Penn’s energy conservation initiatives. Prior to the start of the competition, each house’s energy consumption is calculated as a part of a unique baseline reading. (Because the Quad is metered as one building, Fisher Hassenfeld, Ware, and Riepe work together as a single building.) Going forward, each residence's energy consumption will be calculated and posted online weekly. The competition is based on two different measurements: (1) percent reduction in average daily kWh use and (2) gross electricity reduction (most kWh). The winning building for each category will receive a $750 prize and any additional buildings achieving a 10% reduction will receive a $250 prize.


After the final week of the competition, the winners are DuBois College House and Sansom Place! Congratulations to both buildings for their victory.

Percent Reduction in Electricity Use

1. DuBois (-4.5%)

2. Sansom Place (-3.4%)

3. Gregory (-2.0%)

4. Rodin (-1.2%)

5. Hill (-0.6%)

6. Harnwell (0.0%)

7. Kings Court English (+0.9%)

8. Quad (+1.2%)

9. Stouffer (+1.4%)

10. Harrison (+3.1%)

Gross Reduction in Electricity Use

1. Sansom Place (-10,446 kWh)

2. Rodin (-2,099 kWh)

3. DuBois (-1,546 kWh)

4. Gregory (-905 kWh)

5. Hill (-806 kWh)

6. Harnwell (+73 kWh)

7. Kings Court English (+828 kWh)

8. Stouffer (+1,387 kWh)

9. Quad (+3,372 kWh)

10. Harrison (+5,282 kWh)

2013-14 Power Down Challenge Campus Building Competition

Participants in the 2013-2014 Power Down Challenge Campus Building Competition were:

Towne Building -- School of Engineering and Applied Sciences (220 S. 33rd Street)

Huntsman Hall -- Wharton School (3730 Walnut Street)

Meyerson Hall -- School of Design (210 S. 34th Street)

Biomedical Research Building 2 (BRB2) -- Penn Medicine (421 Curie Blvd.)

Williams Hall -- School of Arts & Sciences (255 S. 36th Street)

Law School (Gittis Hall, Golkin Hall, Silverman Hall, Tanenbaum Hall -- all metered as one) (Chestnut, Sansom, and 34th Streets)

Graduate School of Education (GSE) (3700 Walnut Street)


After 4 weeks of competition, the final standings are:

Percent Reduction in Electricity Use

  1. Meyerson Hall (-7.57%)  - Winner
  2. BRB2  (-0.41%)
  3. Law School  (+1.02%)
  4. Hunstman Hall  (+1.57%)
  5. GSE (+3.12%)
  6. Towne Hall (+3.38%)
  7. Williams Hall  (+3.81%)

Reduction in Electricity Usage Per Square Foot 

  1. Meyerson Hall (-5 kwh/1000sq.ft.) - Winner
  2. BRB2 (-1 kwh/1000sq.ft.)
  3.  Law School(+/-0 kwh/1000sq.ft.)
  4.  Huntsman Hall, Towne Hall, Williams Hall  (+1 kwh/1000sq.ft.)
  5. GSE (+2 kwh/1000sq.ft.)

2012 Power Down Challenge

Stouffer, Jaffe Tops in 2012 Penn Power Down Challenge

The result of nearly three weeks of turning off unneeded lights, unplugging unused devices, layering up to warm up, and other creative means to conserve electricity, is the combined savings of 71,000 kWh across Penn’s campus.

In a competition where conserving energy means saving to win, Stouffer College House and the Jaffe Building totaled out as 2012 Champions of the University of Pennsylvania’s three-week Power Down Challenge. This friendly competition, which ran from October 31 through November 18, motivated all of Penn’s College Houses and many of its Campus Buildings to find effective and creative ways to save electricity. In addition to raising awareness over a three-week period, the Power Down Challenge aims to get participants to adopt energy-conserving practices that will last year round.

Stouffer College House (a combination of Stouffer Hall and Mayer Hall) is known for a strong community spirit, which kept this 250-resident group a strong contender throughout the competition. With an energy savings of 14.5%, Stouffer finished out well ahead of 2nd Place (10.2%) Gregory College House and The Quad in 3rd Place (5.5%). The Quad was the 2011 PDC College House Champion.

Jaffe, one of the buildings housing School of Arts & Science programs, came in as Campus Building Champion, dropping energy usage 21.6% over the competition period. Hillel (Steinhardt Hall) took 2nd Place saving 12.6% over its baseline energy usage, and Huntsman Hall placed 3rd, with a 7.4% energy savings. The Franklin Building, 2011 PDC Campus Building Champion, expanded their energy-savings programs from last year and reduced energy usage an additional 2.8% during this year’s competition period, showing their conservation efforts and behaviors have been sustained even after the competition.

College House % Change kWh Change  
Stouffer -14.5 -7,603 #1 in % and absolute
Gregory -10.2 -4,430  
Quad -5.5 -6,746  
Sansom West1 -3.9 -3,211  
Hill -3.4 -1,366  
DuBois -3.0 -646  
Campus Building % Change kWh Change  
Jaffe -21.6 -992 #1 in % decrease
Steinhardt Hall (Hillel) -12.6 -3,415  
Huntsman Hall -7.4 -35,558 #1 in absolute decrease
4040 Chestnut/DPS -4.4 -1,361  
Franklin Building2 -2.8 -2,846  
Steinberg Conference
-2.5 -3,333  

1 Sansom East and West have similar layout, populations, and building systems. The only significant difference is that Sansom West had nine Eco-Reps engaged in behavior change leadership and occupant reduction strategies.

2 The Franklin Building had a 20% reduction during the 2011 competition, the highest among campus buildings, and a 12% sustained reduction over the rest of the year. Although there were fewer opportunities for energy savings available to occupants during this year’s competition, the building still recorded a 2.8% reduction – a significant accomplishment.

2011 Power Down Challenge

College House Competition

Congratulations to the Quad for winning the 2011 College House competition! Quad residents reduced their electricity consumption by more than 20% over the three-week competition and saved over 25,000 kilowatt horus (kWh) of electricity – equivalent to 17.7 metric tons of carbon dioxide. These savings are equivalent to planting 453 trees, powering 40 homes, and taking 63 cars off the road for one year.

Campus Buildings Competition

Congratulations to the Franklin Building for winning the 2011 Campus Building Power Down Challenge! Franklin Building occupants reduced their electric consumption by over 20 percent over the three-week competition and saved over 35,000 kilowatt hours (kWh). View the final campus building standings in the chart below.



(+/- % kWh/day)
1 Franklin Building 8,408 35,118 -20.88%
2 Meyerson Hall 5,739 11,088 -9.65%
3 Levine Hall 2,563 1,653 -3.22%
4 Blockley Hall 6,203 2,041 -1.64%
5 Steinberg Conference Ctr 8,564 2,786 -1.63%



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