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The College House Eco-Reps Program

The College House Eco-Reps program is a student environmental leadership program that promotes sustainable lifestyles across Penn’s residential communities.  Representatives support the University’s Climate Action Plan through peer education, projects, and outreach events.  Eco-Reps strive to be constant models of environmental consciousness and challenge their peers to adopt a culture of sustainability.

Unknown ObjectSelect students will work as Eco-Reps within their College Houses to develop educational events, activities, and campaigns aimed at supporting the University’s environmental goals.  Initiatives focus on energy, waste, water, transportation, food, lifestyle habits and more.

Student participants will have the opportunity to interact with other environmental leaders on campus, attend trips throughout the Philadelphia area, and create programs and events that challenge their peers to adopt more sustainable behavior.

The program is managed by sustainability staff in Penn’s Division of Facilities and Real Estate Services and is an initiative of the Penn Green Campus Partnership, an umbrella group of students, staff, faculty, and community members that promotes better environmental practices and policy on campus.

Apply to Join!

We are now accepting applications for the 2014-15 College House Eco-Reps program!  The deadline to apply has been extended for Riepe, Harnwell, Stouffer, and Du Bois..  Email questions to Sara Allan at or Julian Goresko at


OUR College House ECO-REPS (2013-2014)

Fisher Hassenfeld



   Casey Libonate:


  Miranda Wang:

  Mary Brass:


   Connor Fairman:

   Hyong (Harry) Kim:

Kings Court/English

   Austin Bream:



   JoAna Smith:

   Connie Cao:




   Camilla Schneier:

   Aaron Guo: