College House

The College House Eco-Reps Program

College House Eco-Reps is a student environmental leadership program that promotes sustainable lifestyles across Penn’s College House communities. Representatives support the University’s Climate Action Plan through peer education, projects, and events. Eco-Reps strive to be constant models of environmental consciousness and challenge their peers to adopt a culture of sustainability.

The College House Eco-Reps program is open to all students living in a College House on campus, and selected students will work together as a group throughout the year.  

The Eco-Reps program is managed by Penn's Sustainability Office and is part of Penn’s Green Campus Partnership, a collection of students, staff, and faculty throughout the University promoting better environmental practices and policy.

Apply to Join!

Applications for the 2015-16 College House Eco-Reps program are open! Apply to this year's program by Sunday, August 30. Read more about our 2015-16 Impact Projects to find out some of the things our Eco-Reps will be doing. For general questions email Julian Goresko at

2014-15 College House Eco-Reps





Tina Gao (, left): "I am from Maryland and currently a freshman with an undecided major. My dream job is to run an organic community farm and a fun fact is that I still have a collection of stuffed dinosaurs from childhood in my dorm."


Elizabeth McNamee (emcnamee@sas.upenn.eduright): "Hello! I'm Elizabeth and am a freshman from the suburbs of Philadelphia. I am currently an undecided major but am strongly considering on in Earth Science. When I'm not eco-repping, I can be found rowing, running, or watching The Office reruns in my dorm."






Tabeen Hossain (tabeenh@sas.upenn.eduleft): "I'm a sophomore in the College from Houston, TX, planning to double major in Environmental Studies and Philosophy, Politics and Economics. There are currently twice as many animals than people in my house."

Lydia Ramharack (, center): "I'm Lydia, a freshman from Jackson, New Jersey studying Biology. I like to end every Eco-Reps meeting by doing a backwards roll to stand up!" 

Camilla Davila (, right): "I am a sophomore from the Bronx, NY studying Sustainability and Environmental Management. With an unstoppable travel bug, I enjoy discovering the beauty in both modern metropolises and rustic landscapes and hope to translate my love of traveling in the future by working for non-profits or NGOs on nutrition and green education."




Zoe Daniels (, left): "I'm a sophomore in the College of Arts & Sciences on the pre-veterinary track. I'm from Long Island, NY, love to show everyone pictures of my Dachschunds, and am so excited to be on he Harnwell Eco-Rep team!" 

Nick Thornton (, center): "I am a sophomore from Salisbry, NC studying Real Estate. In my free time, I enjoy being outdoors and spending time with friends. I can't wait to strengthen sustainability here at Penn!" 

Sandra Loza (, right): "I'm Sandra, a sophomore in the College on the pre-medical track studying Biology and Health & Societies from San Antonio, TX. I love yoga, playing Animal Crossing, and my dogs. I'm passionate about the environment & being a friend of the Earth and am excited to help spread the green love around Penn!"




Alice Hong (, left): "I'm Alice, and I'm a senior in the College studying Biological Basis of Behavior & Health and Societies. In my spare time, I like to read and explore new places."

Bill He (, center): "I have been an avid environmentalist since my sophomore year of high school in Vancouver. However, even though I had to leave my beautiful gaden patch and elaborate rain collecting system back in the West coast (best coast), I am building a new home in Philly, finding family on the Penn Electric Racing team, the badminton team, the Enactus team all while trying my best to make Harrison a little more green with the support of the whole Eco-Reps community."

Patrick O'Hara (, right): "I'm Patrick, I'm from New York, and I'm studying biology. In my free time I like playing basketball and exploring Philadelphia!"




Jisoo Kim (, left): 'I'm a freshman from Silicon Valley, CA expecting to major in Environmental Studies. Though my goal is to be an environmental policy-maker... my absolute dream job is to be an astronaut--or a SpaceX flight attendant, if that is an actual position."


Justin Kirschner (, center): "I am a sophomore from Newtown, PA majoring in economics. My favorite place in nature is anywhere mountainous because I love to snowboard! My dream green job is doing sustainable (economic) development (I'm minoring in International Development) in North Africa or the Middle East (I also study Arabic!)."


Daniel Li (, right): " I'm a sophomore in Wharton from Madison, WI. I really want to merge business sensiilities with sustainability and hope to work in the clean energy sector in the future!"




Ritika Philip (, left): "Hi, I'm Ritika and I'm in the Huntsman Program. I'm an Indian citizen, but I have only lived for two years in India. In fact, Penn is the 7th place I'm calling home."


Rebecca Composto (, center): "Aloha! I'm Rebecca from Philly in the College of Arts & Sciences, where my intended major is Environmental Science. I enjoy making fresh pasta, picniking, and grilling."


Roshni Bhasin (, right): "I'm a freshman majoring in Bioengineering and am from Great Falls, VA (which is 20 minutes outside of Washington, DC). I'm really passionate about protecting the environment, and to show my commitment to keeping winter cold, this past February I did the Annual Polar Bear plunge into the frozen Potomac River!"


Lily Wu (, left): "Hi! I'm a freshman planning on majoring in Math and Computer Science. I'm from Canada, and no, we do not ride polar bears to school. Our parliament is not an igloo, but we do make awesome maple syrup."


Juana Granados (, center): "Howdy! I'm currently a sophomore majoring in Urban Studies. Each morning I try to have something chocolatey for breakfast, rainy days make me happy, and I currently own an orchid named Ophelia."


Jamie Seah (, right): "I'm from Singapore, this is my first year at Penn, and I haven't quite decided what to major in. I'm an avocado aficionado and general food fanatic who loves exploring Philly and running along the Schuylkill Banks Boardwalk."

RODIN / Eco-Reps Executive Board Members



Aaron Guo (, left): "Hi! i'm Aaron, and I'm currently pursuing a dual-degree in Systems Science Engineering and Accounting & Enviromental Management through the M & T program. I'm especially interested in the applications of environmentally-driven business development; and, outside of school, I'm interested in cooking, photography, and exploring West Philadelphia."


JoAna Smith (, center): G'day! My name is JoAna Smith, and I'm a junior studying Materials Science & Engineering and currently studying abroad in Sydney, Australia. This is my 2nd year being a part of Eco-Reps, and I'm so excited to come back and hear about all the amazing things this group did while I was gone!


Jesse Yoder (, right): "Hi, I'm Jesse, a Junior studying Political Science and Eco-Repping for Rodin. I enjoy soccer, music, and quirky movies!"







Fernanda Robles (, left): "I'm Fernanda, and I'm a senior from Warminster, PA studying Biology. I try to wear something blue everyday!"


Hyong Kim (, right): "I'm Hyong, a junior from Seoul, South Korea studying Biology. I enjoy biking, hiking, and squirrel-sighting on campus!"



Johanna Matt (, left): "Hi! I am Johanna, from San Diego, CA and a freshman planning on majoring in Environmental Studies! I'm an avid runner, hiker, appreciator of nature, beach-goer, and farmers' market enthusiast. My spirit animal is the koala."


Caroline Simon (, center): "Hi, I'm Caroline! I'm a freshman from outside Philadelphia planning to major in PPE. I enjoy educating others about sustainability as well as reading, swimming, baking, making puns, and wearing pajamas."


Grant Shao (, right): "Hi! I'm Grant, a freshman studying Materials Science & Engineering. I'm from Diamond Bar, CA. So... imagine the sound of a cool rain shower, pitter-patter-pitter-patter. Don't you just love it? I do. Cherish it, 'cause if you go to southern California, you'll probably only hear it once a year. Sigh... global warming..."