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The College House Eco-Reps Program

College House Eco-Reps is a student environmental leadership program that promotes sustainable lifestyles across Penn’s College House communities. Representatives support the University’s Climate Action Plan through peer education, projects, and events. Eco-Reps strive to be constant models of environmental consciousness and challenge their peers to adopt a culture of sustainability.

The College House Eco-Reps program is open to all students living in a College House on campus, and selected students will work together as a group throughout the year.  

The Eco-Reps program is managed by Penn's Sustainability Office and is part of Penn’s Green Campus Partnership, a collection of students, staff, and faculty throughout the University promoting better environmental practices and policy.

Apply to Join!

Applications for the College House Eco-Reps program will re-open at the beginning of the 2016 Fall semester. Read more about our 2015-16 Impact Projects to find out some of the things our Eco-Reps will be doing. For general questions email Julian Goresko at or Rebecca Composto at .

2015-16 College House Eco-Reps

Eco-Reps Executive Board 


Caroline Simon ( I am a sophomore studying English and Communications. Reality TV shows about weddings are my guilty pleasure.

Rebecca Composto ( I am the student coordinator of the CHER program and spent this past summer teaching biology in Houston.

Ritika Philip ( I am a sophomore studying International Studies & Business. During my freshman summer, I learned Chinese in Beijing.

Jesse Yoder ( I am a senior studying Political Science and Economics. I am excited to see the outcome of the new Eco-Reps Impact Projects and am a unicyclist!






Anya Gilroy ( I am a sophomore from Philadelphia studying Environmental Studies and Gender, Sexuality, and Women's Studies in the College. I am obsessed with soccer, puppies, and otters, and my favorite movie is Donnie Darko.



Zach Rissman ( I am a freshman studying the Biological Basis of Behavior and possibly minoring in bioethics. I am also involved in Fossil Free Penn and Moelis Access Science.


Wilson (Alex) Fisher ( I am a freshman from Buffalo, NY still deciding on a course of study. When I'm not promoting sustainable living, I enjoy taking pictures for 34th Street and The DP as well as exploring the city by bike.


Katherine Putnam ( I am a freshman from Boston, MA. I'm studying nursing and considering minoring in healthcare management. I became involved in environmental awareness and initiatives during high school.





Mary (Maddie) Tilyou ( I was raised in a rural city in AZ and then moved to an even more rural city on the Southcoast of Australia. In both of these places, I was lucky enough to have been surounded by beautiful and diverse environments. It is my goal to help preserve these locations, and many others, through promoting sustainability and responsible living.

Tiffany Yung ( I am a sophomore studying environmental policy and management in Wharton and potentially environmental studies as a minor in the College. One can find me in the GSRs of Huntsman singing Disney songs loudly or brainstorming new ways to make Gregory more sustainable (rather than studying for accounting).







Elena Crouch ( I am a junior from Chevy Chase, MD studying biology, and I have a passion for all things food and the environment. When I'm not measuring food waste in a dining hall or setting up composting systems, I am an avid triathlete and a food blogger--I use these two interests to explore both the natural side of Philly and its food scene.

Michael Shu ( I'm a junior from Maple Glen, PA studying biology.




Jisoo Kim ( I am a sophomore from San Jose, CA studying Environmental Science with a certificate in Spanish. I am a policy wonk with a desire to work for government, whether here or abroad. Outside of Eco-Reps, I am a member of Phi Alpha Delta Pre-Law Fraternity International and can be found on the second floor of the David Pottruck Health & Fitness Center.

Rachel Marx ( I'm a sophomore from New York City still figuring out what I want to study. Like a true New Yorker I don't have my license, I love bagels, and I have an affinity for sarcasm. Besides Eco-Reps, I'm involved in a service fraternity and SPEC Pop-Up!






Karen Chi ( I'm a freshman from Warren, NJ who is thinking of studying economics. In addition to Eco-Reps, I am also involved in Penn Sustainability and Penn Traditions!


Soomin Shin ( I'm a freshman from North Carolina and I have no idea what I want to major in! Fun facts: I play in a chamber group at Penn and I have extremely double-jointed arms!




David Pang ( I'm a basketball-loving, smoothie-drinking, The Daily Show-watching freshman from Hawaii. My favorite song is "How to Save a Life" by The Fray and the last movie I saw was The Prestige. I'm also a twin and will see my older sister walk down the aisle over Christmas Break (shoutout to Naomi and Hanna!)


Celine Cumming (


Jae-Yeon (Liz) Kang (



Emma Shenton ( I am a freshman from Big Rapids, MI. My major at this point is nonexistent; I am still very much undecided. My hobbies include traveling, reading, watching Criminal Minds, eating Masala Dosas, and learning about sustainability and social justice issues.


Mia Mansour ( I am a freshman from France. I am majoring in Mechanical Engineering and am interested in alternative energy. I am passionate about robotics and space exploration so I basically build planes and quadcopters (lol one per year) in my free time. I also love painting and volunteering for social justice causes (equality and education yeay!)




John Kinsella ( I am a freshman from Houston, TX who really enjoys traveling and learning about other cultures. I also like staying apprised of current events by reading a ton of different sources of news.


Ian Whittall ( I'm a sophomore following the premed track majoring in BBB and working towards a dual degree with Wharton in Healthcare Management and Policy. I enjoy running--I'll be running the Boston Marathon in the spring!--and playing the viola when I'm not in the books or contemplating sustainability.









Gabriella Morace (


Helen Dai ( I'm a freshman from Warren, NJ planning on majoring in physics. When I'm not eco-repping, I can be found running along the Schuylkill or binge-watching envionmental documentaries on Netflix.