Hillel Eco-Reps Program

The Hillel Eco-Reps Program

The Hillel Eco-Reps program is an environmental leadership program that focuses on raising awareness of environmental issues and encouraging sustainable practices on Penn’s campus and helping students realize the connection between environmental issues and Judaism. 

Select students will create new initiatives as well as work within pre-existing Jewish groups to achieve these goals. Hillel Eco-Reps will focus on important environmental topics and develop educational events and initiatives to: (1) encourage Hillel (both the building and the various groups/communities) to be as environmentally-friendly as possible; (2) help others make and understand connections between Jewish values and environmentalism; and (3) support the University’s environmental goals and Climate Action Plan. 


If you are interested in getting involved with Hillel Eco-Reps, contact Ariana Schanzer at arianaschanzer@gmail.com.