Greek Chapter Certification

Greeks Going Green

Penn’s Green Campus Partnership recognizes the efforts of Greek chapter houses by offering four levels of certification in the Greeks Going Green program, an environmental certification program for chapter houses achieving excellence in environmental sustainability practices.

Participating chapters can earn points by completing specific sustainability actions, which are assigned point values based on their impact and level of difficulty to implement.  Depending on the number of points a chapter house earns, they can achieve Level One, Two, Three, or Four with each subsequent level requiring more time, effort, and/or financial investment.  Some of the actions are marked with an "i" symbol to indicate that additional instructions are available in a supplemental How-To Guide.

Certification is valid for 2 years from the date of award, after which time a chapter house must reapply.  All participating chapter houses will receive a certificate celebrating their achievement, and will be acknowledged on the Green Campus Partnership website and other publications for their positive contribution to sustainability at Penn.

Penn’s sustainability staff is available to talk with you about your chapter house and the Greeks Going Green program and to assist your chapter house members in reviewing its operations and selecting the appropriate level of certification to strive for. To set up a talk or get assistance, send an email to, using the subject line "Greeks Going Green".

With your help, we can reach the University goal of reducing energy usage 17% by 2014, and carbon neutrality by 2042.




1. Review the Greeks Going Green Certification Overview [.pdf] and How-To Guide [.pdf] to determine which actions are plausible for your chapter house and which certification level your chapter house should target.

2. Download and complete the Greeks Going Green Certification Checklist [.xlsx] by marking all the actions applicable to your chapter house.  If you have questions or need assistance in filling out the checklist, please e-mail and use the subject line “Greeks Going Green”.

3. Download and complete the Greeks Going Green Application Form [.docx] [.pdf] including the signature page, signed by the chapter house President and House Manager and a percentage of your chapter house residents.  Certification at Level 1 and 2 requires at least 50% of members living in the chapter house to sign the application form. Level 3 and 4 require signatures from at least 75% of chapter house residents.

4. Send the complete checklist and application forms to, using the subject line “Greeks Going Green” or to Green Campus Partnership, Facilities & Real Estate Services. 3101 Walnut Street, Philadelphia, PA 19104.

5. Your input is valuable as we roll out the Greeks Going Green Program. Please send your comments or suggestions regarding the actions and/or How-To documents to, using the subject line “Greeks Going Green”.



Student Sustainability Association at Penn (SSAP) is the umbrella organization for environmental sustainability student groups, uniting 20+ student organizations.