Our Committment

Penn President Amy Gutmann introduces Climate Action Plan 2.0, which serves as Penn’s blueprint for environmental excellence.

Green Fund Projects

Lenape Botanical Garden

The Lenape Botanical Garden will serve to establish and reinforce a sense of place for Penn's Native American community.  It will also build awareness and allow the larger community to learn more about the Lenape Nation by explaining how the Lenape people lived off of the land and the plants that were part of their diet and their medicine.  The garden will also be used as an educational tool for courses offered through the Intercultural Center and available for other courses throughout the University to use as a teaching tool.

Project Leader: 
Valerie De Cruz, Director, Greenfield Intercultural Center
Project Sponsor: 
Dr. Lucy Fowler Williams, Senior Sabloff Keeper of American Collections, Penn Museum
In Progress


Penn President Amy Gutmann was the first Ivy League President to sign the University Presidents' Climate Commitment.