Compost Tea

Penn treats the campus soil, grass, and plants with compost tea -- an organic alternative to chemical fertilizers

Green Fund Projects

Organic Compost Tea Program

Purchase and installation of a compost tea brewing system, and the equipment and training necessary for the implementation of a Sustainable Landscape Management program for the Arboretum. Compost tea (liquid compost extract) is used as an organic alternative to chemical fertilizers, and the new system will greatly reduce the use of pesticides at the Arboretum

Morris Arboretum staff have begun segregating compost they intend to use later on in the year. As the composting system evolves, they plan to produce premium compost to be used throughout the Arboretum. Staff have taken base soil samples, purchased all the necessary equipment, attended workshops, and have applied the first batch of compost tea.  No synthetic chemicals have been used in the pilot site.


Project Leader: 
Justin Jackson, Louise Clark
Project Sponsor: 
Anthony Aiello, Director of Horticulture, Morris Arboretum


The Green Campus Partnership was created by environmentally conscious students in 2007.