Green Fund Projects

Penn Sustainability Review

This Green Fund grant supported the establishment of a peer-reviewed undergraduate journal on sustainability, The Penn Sustainability Review (PSR). PSR is a student-run online and print publication featuring sustainability-related opinion editorials, leadership interviews, and academic papers. PSR aims to provide a platform for all members of the Penn community to exchange knowledge, ideas, and perspectives on wide-ranging sustainability issues. Over the course of every academic year, the PSR team will publish a print publication and maintain regular online editorial updates that incorporate relevant thought-provoking articles. Both the print and online editions of the PSR will cover a number of topics including: climate change, green architecture, corporate strategic sustainability, resource and energy conservation, public policy, and sustainable technology to name a few. The   The Faculty Advisory Board to the Penn Sustainability Review has representation from many of  Penn's Schools and Centers.

Project Leader: 
Yaowen Ma and James Teng (students)
Project Sponsor: 
Fred Scatena, Professor and Chair, Department of Earth and Environmental Science


If each person on campus uses one paper coffee cup each day, Penn would produce 9.6 million cups for waste