Green Fund Projects

Recycling Room at the School of Engineering and Applied Science

The SEAS Green Team has identified a burgeoning desire within the School to provide a simpler system for recycling. Feedback from faculty, students and staff confirms a general confusion about recycling practices not only within the School but also the University at large. The decentralized nature of the University presents challenges for implementing identical systems across all the Schools & Centers.

Through a Green Fund grant, the SEAS Green Team has re-designed the existing GRW trash room to incorporate an area that readily accommodates the growing recycling needs of the SEAS community. In this project, SEAS has carved a space designated for recycling collection out of a room already designated for waste stream collection - thus, transforming it into an accessible, organized & flexible area for the SEAS community and other University partners at large. As a compliment to the University system of single stream recycling the SEAS Recycling Room   addresses the need for centralized systems for the collection & proper removal of the following items that currently lie outside of the University’s single stream recycling plan, including: CFL's and light bulbs, ink and toner cartridges, electronic waste, pens and markers, batteries, paper towel composting. 


Project Leader: 
Leandra Kern and Killian Feeney
Project Sponsor: 
Eduardo Glandt, Dean, School of Engineering and Applied Science and Tom Stump, Deputy Dean, Budget & Administration, School of Engineering and Applied Science
In Progress


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