Our Committment

Penn President Amy Gutmann introduces Climate Action Plan 2.0, which serves as Penn’s blueprint for environmental excellence.

Green Fund Projects

Williams Hall Ground Floor Classroom LED Installation

A Fall 2010 Green Fund Grant provided funding for the installation of LED lighting in 12 heavily used classrooms in Williams Hall.  This project is part of a long-term goal of replacing fluorescent and incandescent lighting with LED lighting in all Central Pool classrooms, a system of 198 classrooms in 26 buildings throughout Penn's campus. 



Green Fund Summary Report: Williams Hall Ground Floor Classroom LED Installation

Project Leader: 
Don Calcagni, Assoc. Director Classroom & VPUL Facilities
Project Sponsor: 
Don Calcagni and Dennis DeTurck, Faculty Chair, Provost’s Classroom Facilities Review Committee


As of November 2014, 80 offices on Penn’s campus have completed the Green Office Certification program.