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The Green Labs @ Penn Program

The numerous labs on campus provide a prime opportunity to reduce our environmental impact and help us reach the goals set forth in Penn’s Climate Action Plan 2.0.  The Green Campus Partnership created the Green Labs @ Penn Guide to provide overall guidelines for lab greening and recognizes that some labs will be able to complete more actions than others. There are a variety of campus labs ranging from small undergraduate classrooms to large medical research facilities and as such, lab greening will vary based on the location, size, and type of research conducted in each lab.  Lab staff should aim to complete the actions that are possible for your lab based on the resources available and the manner in which your lab operates. 

The Green Labs @ Penn Guide describes daily, monthly and annual actions that can be done to consistently make labs on campus greener. The guide includes a checklist that covers all the actions listed throughout, to help you choose the appropriate measures for your lab. The guide ends with a list of further resources that you may find helpful. Throughout the guide you can find additional information on parallel initiatives, Penn Green Fund, Green Office and Eco-Reps that offer additional resources for your lab. 

We encourage you to begin by reviewing the guide with your lab team and completing the Commitment Form to obtain a Commitment Sticker to prominently display in your lab.  This increased program visibility can improve peer influence for behavior change, encouraging your neighbor labs to participate as well. 

To obtain a Commitment Sticker, use the Commitment Form (download below) to obtain participation signatures from 75% of your lab staff and your Department Chair.  Afterwards, send the form to FRES Green Campus Partnership, at intramural mail code 6289, so we can get you a sticker.  Be sure to display the sticker prominently as you work on the remainder of the actions in the Green Labs guide.

If you have questions, suggestions, or need help getting started, please contact using the subject line Green Labs. 

Posters and Signs -- click on the image to download a printable PDF.

Recycle Pipette Trays Poster 8.5x11

Shut the Sash
Poster 8.5x11


Reduce Reuse
Poster 8.5x11
Recycle Dual Stream
Poster 11x17



Turn off the Light
Sign 5.5x3
Turn off the Tap
Sign 5.5x3
Turn Me Off
Equipment Sign 5.5x3


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