Green Living Certification

Are you an on-campus resident who lives sustainably? Do you have "green" living habits? Green Living Certification provides College House residents the opportunity to reflect on their environmental impact and rewards those taking steps to improve the health of our environment. Get certified now!



The Basics

1. Fill Out the Survey

Click our logo below to begin the certification process!


2. Complete Required and Select Optional Actions


Required Actions:

Are relatively easy to accomplish and provide the foundation for implementing more difficult sustainability practices

Optional Actions:

Are organized into 5 categories, with points attributed according to a combination of environmental impact, difficulty of implementation, and cost

  1. Practice good recycling habits
  2. Use CFLs in my room
  3. Turn off the lights when not using them
  4. Tightly turn off faucets and report leaks
  5. Will encourage other students to be certified
  1. Waste Minimization & Recycling
  2. Energy & Water
  3. Transportation
  4. Purchasing
  5. Involvement at Penn


3. Get Your Prize

Make sure to show it off! Display your sticker on your door or laptop and encourage your friends to apply.

Bronze: 25 points Silver: 40 points Gold: 55 points
Sticker Sticker Sticker and Mug

Additionally, all certified students will be invited to our end-of-year dinner, where you'll be entered into raffles for great prizes. The higher your certification level, the more submissions! 


4. Recertify to a Higher Level

Want to reach a higher lever? Take a look at our Green Living Certification Manual and adopt more environmental behaviors today! Then, come back here and fill out the survey.


5. Contact Us With Questions

Questions, comments, or feedback? Contact us at