ReThink Your Footprint

Penn's 2014 Waste Minimization Awareness Campaign




Reduce, Reuse, Recycle
November 3-21, 2014


The Penn Green Campus Partnership invites the Penn Community – students, staff, and faculty– to come together for three weeks this Fall to promote environmental sustainability by focusing on overall waste minimization.

The goal of the ReThink Your Footprint campaign is to raise the level of conversation about waste management beyond solely recycling and into a broader discussion of source reduction and reuse – resulting in greater diversion of campus waste from the landfill.

  • As a University, Penn has already made great strides in managing its trash, recycling and other waste. The ReThink Your Footprint campaign will build upon this work by raising awareness of already-established waste minimization programs and initiatives in this area,
  • inspiring students, staff and faculty to create new activities related to source reduction and recycling, and
  • encouraging everyone  to rethink their footprint.

Some new, University-wide sustainability programs have already begun, and others will roll out as the Fall semester begins. ReThink Your Footprint will culminate November 3-21, 2014 with a three-week awareness campaign. Students, staff, faculty and the larger community are invited to create programs, plan activities, or come together for educational events where reduce, reuse, recycle will be the focus.

How can you rethink your footprint?

A listing of suggested activities to Get Involved can be found on this website, as well as a calendar to Happenings of scheduled activities or new initiatives for the November campaign. In addition:

  • The Green Campus Partnership will offer grant funding to students or student groups to help them create a special waste minimization program or event
  • Student and Staff & Faculty Eco-Reps will spread the word about better ways to manage waste at home and at school or work.
  • School and Center Sustainability Coordinators will educate their building occupants and visitors about this aspect of environmental sustainability.

Spreading the news and increasing awareness will be supported by the Green Campus Partnership, which will collect and share success stories and generate news items that cover the creative, innovative and team-building “happenings” on campus during ReThink Your Footprint.

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Why ReThink?

Penn’s successful participation for the last few years in a spring recycling program and the overall increase in passion for environmental sustainability across our campus has prompted the Green Campus Partnership team to develop a new waste minimization awareness campaign. Rethink Your Footprint is a more comprehensive approach to our waste management practices, expanding the scope of the campaign to include more initiatives that effect our waste stream like composting and source reduction, along with recycling. We will go broader than recycling this year, calling upon campus groups and offices, schools and centers, individuals and the community to ReThink Your Footprint in Fall 2014.

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ReThink Your Footprint involves the entire Penn Community in a broad waste management campaign that draws us together to act in source reduction, reuse, and recycling.

Check back often for new ReThink Happenings and links to programs, events and activities from across the Penn Community as part of ReThink Your Footprint 2013.

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