Zero-waste Events

The Zero Waste How-To Guide was developed by the Green Campus Partnership to help student, faculty and staff in the Penn community achieve zero waste status at events ranging from department-wide gatherings to small staff meetings, staff picnics to lunchtime seminars.

Using the Zero Waste How-To Guide and our customizable signage (available at the bottom of this page), any campus event can contribute to the University’s Climate Action Plan goal of minimizing waste and decreasing our carbon footprint.

Green Campus Partnership wants to know about the zero waste events held on campus!  Fill out this form after hosting a zero waste event to fill us in on your experience.

Check out our list of Zero Waste Caterers that can help make your event zero waste.

Zero Waste in Action…

Several events on campus have already achieved success as zero waste events.  Read about their accomplishments and apply their organizational strategies to your next event!

Zero Waste Basketball Game

February 26, 2013



November 9, 2013

Wharton Staff Appreciation Event

 November 6, 2013

 FAQs about Composting

What should be composted?

  • Any food waste, including standard compostable items, like fruits and vegetables, as well as non-standard food waste, such as meat, bones and dairy. Penn can also accept other organic materials, such as grass and lawn clippings, wooden coffee stirrers and coffee grinds. 

What shouldn’t be composted?

  • Styrofoam, plastics, including plastic bags, metals, and foil. Sugar packets and individual sauce packets should not be composted. Also, due to changes in the marketplace, Penn's compost hauler is unable to take any bio-plastics or paper goods, including tissues, paper towels and napkins. 

Where do I get a compost bin?

  • You can repurpose an existing waste container as a compost bin by using a BPI-Certified compostable bag liner and clearly marking the container with signage. Any compost collected in this container should ten be taken to one of our compost pick-up locations. For more information, please write to


Zero Waste Event Signage 

Prominent signage is key to hosting a zero-waste event. Using the zero-waste event graphic and labeling compost, trash, and recycling bins with the posters below can help make your event a success.Download our customizable signage for your Zero Waste Event!

Click on the small image below to download the PDF or JPG of the zero-waste logo.

Zero-waste logo (customize for your school/center)
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Posters for Zero-waste Event
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 (Click on the image below to download the full-size PDF poster.)

Use the links below to download a PDF of the logo.