Business Services Launches Sustainable Transportation Initiative

November 30, 2010

This fall, Business Services launched its Sustainable Transportation Initiative with the goal of decreasing the number of cars driven to campus by providing information about alternative modes of transportation and facilitating access to a variety of sustainable commuting options, including public transit, ride-sharing, biking, and walking.

Over the past month, a number of activities incorporated into this initiative have been rolled out. These include the following:

  • Four new vans were added to the Penn Transit fleet, which not only improve access and comfort for Penn Transit riders, but are also equipped to run on liquid propane, creating 50% less tailpipe emissions. The new shuttles, along with four buses purchased in 2008 capable of running on ultra-low sulfur diesel or biodiesel, will be easily recognizable by their green-themed graphics.
  • Penn Transit has launched a new website which presents information not only on its services, but also on an array of alternative commuting options to campus. You can visit the new site at to learn about discounts on public transit, bike parking on campus, ride sharing opportunities and much more.
  • This month, Penn expanded its car-sharing capabilities by contracting with a second local car-share program, Zipcar, which added 44 vehicles on campus. Together with PhillyCarShare, which has partnered with Penn since 2008, the total number of car-share vehicles available on or near campus has increased to 82. Both organizations also offer special discounts to Penn students, faculty, and staff who open personal car-sharing accounts.
  • Penn has joined with the Delaware Valley Regional Planning Commission to promote the Guaranteed Ride Home Program, which provides a free ride for commuters who carpool, vanpool or use public transportation in the event of an unexpected emergency.

In the coming months, Business Services will install electric charging stations in three Penn garages, and offer parking benefits to commuters who drive low- emission vehicles. In addition, the division will continue collaboration with Facilities and Real Estate Services and the Division of Public Safety to make the campus friendlier and safer for cyclists and pedestrians. Stay tuned to the Penn Transit website and the Green Campus Partnership website for information about upcoming sustainable transportation projects.


There are approximately 7,000 trees on Penn’s campus—568 of which are in Penn Park.

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