College House Waste Audits Led by Student Eco-Reps

November 7, 2013

College House Eco-Reps will be conducting waste audits during ReThink Your Footprint to learn about their house’s recycling and trash streams.  Each group will sort through the contents of one recycling bin and one trash can to see what residents in their building are throwing away.  The activity will help inform future waste and recycling initiatives within the house, as Eco-Reps learn where there are areas for reducing waste and improving recycling in their buildings. These waste audits will take place from November 5 - 17. 

Update: Senior biochemistry major, Connie Cao, is an Eco-Rep in Rodin College House. She participated in Rodin's waste audit and offered the following on what she learned from the activity: "It was interesting to see the amount of contamination in both the bins. The largest contamination in the trash bin was the coffee cup lids and clean paper products. The most surprising component of the recycling bins was the amount of wrappers thrown in. It's good because they are recyclable... Considering the omnipresence of coffee cups on campus, I think that it may be cool to create posters detailing exactly how to deconstruct/take a part a coffee cup properly and what parts are recyclable and what parts are trash. It may be interesting to put these posters specifically in study areas or by house cafes."


A glass bottle will survive for almost 1 million years in a landfill.

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