Like a Dowsing Stick, but Better…Campus Water Bottle Filling Station Map

October 23, 2013

As Penn moves away from disposable plastic water bottles, many of us have chosen to carry a refillable water container around campus. But where to find fresh, filtered water away from home? The Green Campus Partnership has created a map of water filling stations at Penn. In cooperation with Business Services Division, this map was inserted into water bottles given away to all residents in the College Houses at the start of the fall semester.

In response to student requests for more detailed information, this map now includes more detail for where water bottle filling stations at Penn can be found. Each water station is numbered, each corresponding to a description in the "Specific Locations" box. Use this box to pinpoint exactly where the water filling stations are on each floor, room, or area.

Download your own map so that you may easily refill your containers.


Air travel and commuting makes up 11% of our campus' energy usage.

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