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July 1, 2013

Purchasing Services is pleased to announce major improvements to Ben’s Attic.  These enhancements have been made possible through a Green Fund Grant and are based on feedback and surveys conducted last spring.  Ben’s Attic, Penn’s online exchange for surplus property, now features new procedural and functional enhancements, all designed to make Ben’s Attic the place to shop and repurpose the University’s surplus supplies and equipment in an easy and sustainable way supporting the University’s Climate Action Plan.

Highlights of these enhancements include:

  • Redefined User Roles – The role of Buyer/Seller has been created and is open to all faculty and staff members with a PennKey. You may self-register on Ben’s Attic, and are no longer required to be a TAC (Transaction Authorization Card) cardholder or a designee of your Business Administrator.  Buyers/Sellers have the ability to suggest listings and make purchases; however, you will be required to enter the name of your Business Administrator when performing the listing or purchasing functions. This role replaces the Group Administrator, all of whom are automatically registered as Buyers/Sellers in this new version.  If you choose not to register as a Buyer/Seller, you will become a Browser by default the first time you sign in with your PennKey.  Browsers may view all items on the web site, but cannot list or purchase supplies or equipment
  • New Item Categories and Search Functionality – The categories of “All” and “New” have been added to the Listings Category Page.  This removes the uncertainty of how items are categorized, and highlights new additions.  The search functionality on this page also has been upgraded to allow you to search across all categories at once, rather than one category at a time.
  • Item Information – In order to facilitate the exchange of information between the seller and potential buyers, the Item Listing Detail Information Page now displays the name, phone number, and email address of the seller. The item posting date also is displayed. The Item Listing Summary Page now highlights all items listed for free by displaying them in the color green.
  • Listing Management – Sellers now have the ability to edit any information pertaining to their own listing as well the ability to delete it if necessary or to repurpose the item outside of Ben’s Attic.  After 90 days unsold items are dropped from the Current Listings Page, but may be relisted by the System Administrator upon request.

Updated training material can be found on Ben's Attic .  If you should have any questions or concerns, please feel free to contact


Compost collection takes place at several locations on campus, including all campus dining halls, Golkin Hall, and Joe's Cafe at Wharton.

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