Go Low Carbon with your Lunch

April 21, 2014

Learn how your dining selections can help reduce greenhouse gas emissions resulting from food production. Some sources attribute as much as 20% of U.S. greenhouse gas emissions to the food system.

A low carbon diet minimizes the emissions released from the production, packaging, processing, transport, preparation and waste of food.

Many people who follow a low carbon diet:

  • eat less industrial meat and dairy,
  • eat less industrially produced food in general,
  • eat food grown locally and seasonally,
  • eat less processed and packaged foods
  • and reduce waste from food by proper portion size, recycling or composting.

At lunchtime on Thursday, April 24, visit the cafes at Hill College House, 1920 Commons, Kings Court English College House, and Houston Market, where Bon Appétit chefs will be doing expo cooking and explaining how some food products contribute to climate change.



Penn has won the EPA Green Power Purchasing Award every year since 2006.

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