Greeks Going Green Certification Program

October 10, 2012

Greek chapter houses are invited to make a positive contribution to sustainability at Penn by participating in the recently launched Greeks Going Green program. The Penn Greek community already demonstrates leadership through its charitable efforts (and many members volunteer as Eco-Reps). This new program allows chapter members to also promote environmental awareness by committing to greener operations in their on-campus houses.


The Greeks Going Green rating system awards points for specific practices and behaviors to earn up to a Level Four Certification.The point value for each action is determined by the environmental impact, human health factors, difficulty of implementation, and cost. Houses achieving a Level Four certification will have put significant time, effort and financial investment into greening their chapter house, educating their members, and improving the overall environment at Penn.


Determine which actions are achievable for your chapter by taking a look at the Greeks Going Green Certification materials.


Penn’s urban campus has over 2 miles of dedicated bike lanes, 5,050 bike parking spots, and 2 free bike repair stations.

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