Green Living Certification Growing among College House Residents

November 13, 2013

It may be just a little more than half-way through the semester, but already more than 75 Penn students have applied to be certified “green.”  The new Green Living Certification program for students living in College Houses validates the environmentally sustainable lifestyle choices they make as individuals. Pilot-tested in Spring 2013 and formally launched this fall, Green Living is meant to publicly recognize those students whose personal choices represent their commitment to the environment.

Bailey Rowland, a senior in the College, is the student manager of the program. She has been pleased to see that the students in this first wave of Green Living certifications are not just Eco-Reps. Bailey knew that the Eco-Reps, students who are officially part of Penn’s environmental sustainability efforts, would be among the first to apply. But applications so far have included regular residents in most of the College Houses and are resulting in varying certification levels: bronze, silver and gold. Some roommates and suitemates are doing the program together, she adds. Green Campus Partnership and the Eco-Reps are continuing to raise awareness about the program and hope to recognize more residents on campus for their responsible choices. 

Update: As of the end of November, the number of Green Living Certified students has reached 105.


Penn President Amy Gutmann was the first Ivy League President to sign the University Presidents' Climate Commitment.

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