Green Offices Number 66 Across Penn’s Campus

Green Office Sample Certificate
November 6, 2013

Just how “green” are offices at Penn? Offices represent a significant portion of campus energy and material use and waste production. The Green Campus Partnership recognizes the efforts of staff and faculty to “green” their daily activities by offering four levels of Green Office certification.

By the end of October 2013, 66 offices had been recognized – with three at Level 4 – the highest level: Penn Law Information Technology Services, Penn Women’s Center, and the 3401 Walnut St. Office of Business Services Division.

The Green Office program has also just approved its first “leveling up” where an office has completed an additional set of green actions and moved up a level. Congratulations to Information Services & Computing - Systems Engineering & Operations for moving up to a Level 3 Green Office. Andrea Kreiner, sustainability consultant for the Green Campus Partnership, points out that “leveling up” is an important part of the Green Office program. “There’s always additional steps that we can take when it comes to positive sustainable practices. I think that the possibility of ‘leveling up’ leaves the door open for new ideas, and inspires a little competition among offices. Even once an office has achieved Level 4, I continue to work them on creative ideas,” Ms. Kreiner explains.

Learn how to take those first “green” steps for your office during ReThink Your Footprint, Nov 4-22. View the Green Office content on the Green Campus Partnership website, or email Andrea Kreiner at

Update: Since publication, another office has achieved Green Office Certification -- bringing the total to 67!


A zero waste event is one in which at least 90% of the waste is diverted from the landfill through enhanced recycling and/or composting efforts.

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