Introducing 2012-2013 Eco-Reps

October 10, 2012

Now starting its fourth year, Eco-Reps is Penn's environmental leadership program focused on raising awareness of sustainability efforts and improving behavior of individuals across campus. Comprised of leaders from a number of campus communities, the Eco-Reps take the lead on developing educational events, activities, and campaigns that support the Climate Action Plan.


This year, Athletics Eco-Reps have been added to the existing population of Eco-Reps from College Houses, Greek Chapters, Hillel, and Penn Staff & Faculty. The creation of this new group of Eco-Reps was initiated by student athletes interested in leading creative efforts in energy conservation, waste minimization, saving water, alternative transportation, consumer choices, and more.


While all Eco-Reps share the goal of supporting the University's Climate Action Plan, each community does so in ways distinct to its members. The possibilities for the Athletics Eco-Reps are wide open, as the program is in the early stages. "We're relying on the ingenuity of the students," says Penn's Environmental Sustainability Coordinator, Dan Garofalo. "Athletics programs necessarily consume a lot of materials - equipment, footwear, uniforms, even drink bottles - so reducing consumption may be an opportunity," he ventures. "In the end, all the Eco-Rep programs increase person-to-person communications about sustainability issues." Since Penn's athletic events draw a diverse crowd from the University, the Philadelphia region, and the neighborhood, there is great potential to reach many people who otherwise might not learn about our sustainability initiatives.


Staff Eco-Reps represent more than 1,400 individuals that meet monthly to share best sustainable practices. 

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