June 18 "Red" Day Energy Conservation at Penn

wall light switch off
June 18, 2014

Today, June 18, from 3PM –6PM is expected to be a “RED” day.  That means, it is very likely that one of the summer’s peak 5 hours of electricity use will occur during that time.  Therefore, we need to reduce load as much as possible during that time.  Please contact your constituency, or any group you represent such as Building Administrators, Eco-Reps, building occupants, to advise them of the situation to shut off, or minimally use electrical appliances to the extent possible. Please coordinate with OCC, on any possible reductions such as unoccupied room or spaces.  Rolling air handler unit shutdowns will be conducted during this time frame to support this effort.

The two important reasons for these RED Day notifications include: 1) our successful participation in University goals supporting the University mission regarding energy conservation, and 2) cost savings that lead to our unified bottom line. 

Know that you can make a difference, as we share the responsibility for energy conservation. 

 To see today’s campus wide electricity usage compared to last year’s energy usage, please go to  You will need to login using your Pennkey to see this information.  You can also visit to see the real time price of wholesale electricity.  Become an informed advocate.  


As of November 2014, 80 offices on Penn’s campus have completed the Green Office Certification program.

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