Kings's Court/English College House Switching to Single Stream Recycling Set-up

January 20, 2011

King’s Court / English College House will undergo a complete replacement of trash and recycling bins throughout the building later this month, the first project in a series of planned upgrades to the recycling infrastructure in Penn’s eleven college houses and Sansom Place. As part of the project, King’s Court / English will become the first college house to have a single stream recycling set-up, where all recyclables – paper, glass, plastic, metal, and cardboard – go together in the same bin.

To further encourage residents to recycle, all trash cans in King’s Court / English will be accompanied by a recycling bin, and more locations throughout the building will have bins available.  As part of the project, standard bin colors and new signs have been chosen to illustrate best waste management practices.

Staff from Facilities and Real Estate Services, Housing, and Housekeeping have been collaborating with a waste management consultant to measure the impact of the switch, which is expected to significantly improve recycling throughout the building.


Penn’s underground cisterns on campus have the capacity to collect and reuse 340,000 gallons of water each year.

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