Organizational Dynamics Program Launches Sustainability Leadership Course for Penn Staff

January 20, 2011

Penn’s Organizational Dynamics Graduate Program, in collaboration with the Penn Green Campus Partnership, is offering a course this spring titled, “Leadership and Sustainability: How to Create Collaborative Innovation.”

The class will explore innovative solutions to Penn’s sustainability challenges. It is designed as a laboratory for learning about sustainability within complex social systems and how to apply that knowledge to specific environmental challenges on and around campus.  Students will learn how to create change within a big organization like Penn, plus how to apply this new knowledge to specific sustainability projects.

 The course is offered in seven classes throughout the semester.  For more information, visit the Organizational Dynamics website or click here to download a course syllabus.

Students interested in late enrollment in the class may contact Alan Barstow, Organizational Dynamics Curriculum Director, at 610-898-2802.


As of November 2014, more than 350 student Eco-Reps serve as environmental champions for sustainability efforts at Penn

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