Penn Installs New Energy-Efficient Vending Machines

February 2, 2010

Penn is the first University in the nation to introduce a new line of energy efficient, vending machines on campus called 2bU.

The machines have sustainable construction, LED lighting with dimmer capabilities, and a smart board that displays nutritional content and other messages. Many of the products in the 2bU vending machines are similar to products found in traditional vending machines.

Chocolate bars, chips, and juice are all available, but with a twist. The chocolate is Fair Trade, the chips are produced locally and the juice is organic. In addition, consumers will find healthier options that include raw nuts, energy bars and organic cookies. Each product chosen for the 2bU machines must meet a certain set of criteria and must be one or more of the following: organic, all-natural, sustainably-sourced and produced, locally-sourced, vegan or gluten-free.

An additional element is the introduction of “cause related products” such as drinkgive which give a certain percentage of every sale to a local charity. The first machines have been installed in McClelland, Harnwell and Rodin College Houses. Additional machines will be added in the coming months.


Compost collection takes place at several locations on campus, including all campus dining halls, Golkin Hall, and Joe's Cafe at Wharton.

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