Power Down Challenge: Raising Awareness of Energy Use

October 10, 2012

The Power Down Challenge is a three-week building energy reduction competition that raises awareness about daily conservation actions. Much like last Fall, the 2012 Power Down Challenge will set up two campus energy reduction competitions: the first among the College Houses and the second among a handful of non-residential campus buildings. Building energy consumption will be measured each week during the competition and results communicated to occupants. The competition has expanded this year, with the number of participating non-residential buildings increasing to 10. Read more about the College Houses and campus buildings that will participate.

The Power Down Challenge will kick off on October 29, with the campus community "powering down" through November 18. Energy saving tips will be communicated through posters, social media, and tabling events. All will be encouraged to create new ways to conserve.

According to Dan Garafalo, Penn's Environmental Sustainability Coordinator, the Power Down Challenge is meant to be "a fun exercise in expanding awareness of day-to-day behaviors that have a considerable impact on our energy consumption. The hope is that three weeks of a friendly competition will instill behaviors that will continue long after this year's Challenge is over, perhaps building life-long conservation habits."


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