Preservation Award Recognizes Weiss Pavilion

October 10, 2012

Preservation Pennsylvania has recognized the George A. Weiss Pavilion with a Construction Project Award for Public & Institutional Properties.


The initial design for the adaptive reuse of the historic Franklin Field, with the new space 'captured' from within the exterior arches, resulted in a very narrow and long floor plan. Searching through the University's architectural archives, it was discovered that adjacent streets were much lower when Franklin Field was built, and that an extra 25,000 square feet of space existed below the current ground floor of the stadium concourse. By excavating the adjacent landscape and incorporating this space, a total of 55,000 square feet was made available for the intercollegiate strength and conditioning center, a general fitness center, retail outlets, and Education Commons.


The Pennsylvania Historic Preservation Awards are presented annually by Preservation Pennsylvania, the Commonwealth's only statewide non-profit dedicated to preserving Pennsylvania's historic places.


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