Student Eco-Reps Tote Their Trash Along

November 19, 2013

As part of Penn’s ReThink Your Footprint campaign, student Eco-Reps will be participating in a week-long activity tracking their personal waste disposal habits.  Each Eco-Rep will receive a 5” x 5” Mini Bin that they’ll carry with them for a full week and use as their primary trash can.  During this time, they’ll be asked to monitor the amount of waste they dispose into the bin.  The program is meant as an educational activity to think critically about personal consumption habits and what we each throw away.

Mini-bins in Action










From the Eco-Reps...
"Being mindful really makes a difference. I was thoughtful of what I was getting rid of because of the bins." Casey Libonate, Class of 2016, Harnwell College House Eco-Rep
"...the experience for me served a larger role, making me more conscious...of the role small actions play in the bigger environmental picture. That choice away from a large waste item towards a small waste one is the choice that everyone needs to take for the world to become sustainable." Austin Bream, Class of 2017, Kings Court English College House Eco-Rep














Student Sustainability Association at Penn (SSAP) is the umbrella organization for environmental sustainability student groups, uniting 20+ student organizations.

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