Students and Courses Announced for Summer 2014 Integrating Sustainability Across the Curriculum Program

May 5, 2014

Penn’s Green Campus Partnership Integrating Sustainability Across the Curriculum program pairs student research assistants with Penn faculty to work on infusing new or existing courses with themes of environmental sustainability.  Summer 2014 will be the third time this program has employed Penn students as summer research assistants to “green” course syllabi, lectures, assignments, reading material, and tests. The program places students with two professors each to foster cross-pollination of ideas and collaboration. Funding is provided by the Academics Subcommittee of Penn’s Environmental Sustainability Advisory Committee.

Jesse Yoder, a sophomore in the College, is a political science major with a minor in economics.  He has already been involved in sustainability at Penn as an Eco-Rep, and as a leader in the Move In Green program. Jesse will work on Energy Systems and Policy with Andrew Huemmler, in the School of Engineering and Applied Science, and Cities & Sustainability with Ariel Ben-Amos of Urban Studies in the School of Arts & Sciences.

Michael Steele is a junior in the College of Arts & Sciences, majoring in Economics with a minor in philosophy.  He will be working with Sarah Light, of the Wharton School, on Environmental Management, Law and Policy, and with Ms. Light and Eric Orts, also of Wharton, on Responsibility in Professional Services.

Kinsey Miller, a sophomore in the College, is an environmental studies major with a concentration in environmental history and regional studies. She will be working with Ann Greene of the School of Arts & Sciences on Energy in American History, and Daniel Barber of the School of Design, on Architecture in the Anthropocene.

Graduate student Katie Dalton will be working on Toward Sustainability at Penn with Dan Garofalo of the Earth & Environmental Science program, and on Microbial Fuel Cells Investigation with Karen Hogan of the Department of Biology in the Schools of Arts & Sciences. Katie is pursuing a Master of Science degree in Environmental Studies at Penn. She holds a BS in environmental science from Brigham Young University in Provo, Utah.

The ISAC program will wrap up in August with a poster session where each student will present his/her work to the ISAC committee and other members of the Green Campus Partnership. Samples of past student work, and more detail on the ISAC program, may be found on the Green Campus Partnership website,



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