UA Pilots Personal Recycling Bins in the Quad

February 2, 2010

The Penn Undergraduate Assembly (UA) kicked off a pilot recycling bin program in Fisher-Hassenfeld College House over the weekend. The project is part of a larger UA review of recycling on- and off-campus to help the University reach its five-year goal to increase the campus recycling rate of traditional recyclables to 40 percent by 2014.

The pilot tackles the challenge of improving recycling in the Quad, where students typically encounter issues of convenience and access to recycling rooms. Unlike other College Houses, where recycling rooms are often accessible on every floor or every other floor, the Quad’s existing building structure and space prohibit the ability to offer recycling bins on each floor. Instead, recycling rooms were created at three different locations within the Quad, requiring many students to travel in order to recycle their waste.

The UA hopes to address the root of the convenience barrier by providing Fisher-Hassenfeld residents with two recycling bins per room and bag liners for students to use to transport their recyclables to designated locations.
House Dean April Herring and Fisher-Hassenfeld RAs and GAs have embraced the program, and are working with the UA to develop an effective solution to improve recycling in the Quad. A kickoff event took place on Sunday to hand out the bins to Fisher-Hassenfeld residents.
Funding for the pilot program was provided by the Undergraduate Assembly, and a survey is being conducted to gauge resident participation.


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