Vance Hall Desksdie Recycling Pilot Yields Big Results

January 20, 2011

The Wharton School recently concluded a Fall 2010 pilot project that replaced the deskside trash bins of over 50 staff members in Vance Hall with paper recycling bins. In addition to replacing the personal deskside bins, central trash and recycling collection stations were also upgraded with standardized bins and consistent labels.

The Vance Hall office is the home of Wharton Computing, all of whose personnel work in open cubicles.  Control data was collected daily for five weeks prior to the start of the pilot, measuring total volume recycled.  After recycling an average of 4.32 lbs of waste each day during the control period, the office averaged 10 lbs of recyclables per day over the following four weeks with the new recycling bins and continued to improve its performance throughout the month of December.

Over the course of the pilot, Vance office saw an increase of 204 percent in the volume of its recyclables, a result that has encouraged Wharton staff to begin expanding the same model in other office areas within the school.

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