VIPER Scholars’ Research Boosted by Summer Projects

October 23, 2013

This summer, all ten of the Vagelos Integrated Program in Energy Research (VIPER) Scholars from the Class of 2016 secured coveted campus research jobs, working  a range of projects, deepening their knowledge of the science and technology of energy.

  • Eric Lu worked in Professor Igor Bargatin’s nanomechanics lab, contributing to the development of a passive, highly efficient device to convert heat directly to electricity at very high temperatures.
  • David Lim worked under Professor Andrew M. Rappe in the Department of Chemistry performing theoretical calculations on structural and magnetic aspects of charge-ordering in perovskite compounds, which may one day be used in future solar photovoltaic systems, among other applications.
  • In the Vohs/Gorte lab, Gerardo Cedillo Servin worked on increasing the fuel flexibility, stability, and efficiency of solid oxide fuel cells.
  • Alan Dai and Connor Lippincott worked in Prof. Eric Schelter’s Group synthesizing ligands for further characterization and potential use in the industrial separation of rare earth elements.  These highly valuable materials are experiencing current global supply restrictions, but are increasing in demand for use in clean energy technologies.
  • Julia Fordham and Albert Xiao worked in Professor Christopher B. Murray’s lab. Julia researched the photovoltaic capabilities of lead chalcogenide nanocrystals, and Albert explored the issue of inexpensive efficient solar energy conversion in the context of quantum dot sensitized solar cells.
  • Anjali Khetan worked under Professor Daeyeon Lee, researching the relationship between acidity and surface charge of metal oxide particles in nonpolar media with the presence of surfactants, which may prove useful in electrophoretic displays and catalyst improvements.
  • Meehir Pathare worked with artificial proteins in the Dutton Lab with Prof. Bohdana M. Discher, working on compounds with possible use in energy capture and catalysis.
  • Min Young Jeong worked at the LAr group in High Energy Physics Experiment Group on improving the Liquid Argon Triggered Digitizer Board in ATLAS (A Toroidal Large hadron collider ApparatuS) detector.  This research, to be carried out in partnership with faculty at the Large Hadron Collider (LHC) at CERN, will support investigations into fundamental issues in particle physics.

These VIPER Vagelos Scholars are an outstanding group of young researchers, whose work will only continue to grow in importance throughout their undergraduate careers. Read more about the program and these students on the VIPER website.


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