Winning by Saving: DuBois, Sansom Place and Meyerson Hall Champions of 2014 Penn Power Down Challenge

March 5, 2014

After four weeks of turning off unneeded lights, unplugging unused devices, layering up to warm up, and other creative means to conserve electricity, the champions have been named in Penn’s 2014 Power Down Challenge.

This friendly competition, which ran from February 3 through March 2, motivated all of Penn’s College Houses and seven of its Non-residential Campus Buildings to find effective and creative ways to save electricity. In addition to raising awareness among students, staff and faculty, the Power Down Challenge aims to get participants to adopt energy-conserving practices that will last year round.

The College House Competition is based on two different measurements:  (1) percent reduction in average daily kWh use and (2) gross electricity reduction (most kWh).  

Among College Houses, DuBois ran strong for the entire competition and came out the winner with a total percent reduction of 4.5%. The College House with the largest gross electricity reduction was Sansom Place, with a reduction of 10,446 kWh.

Non-residential Campus Buildings competed along two different measurements of reduction:  % reduction in average daily kWh usage and reduction in average daily kWh use per square foot. 

Throughout the Campus Building Competition, Meyerson Hall (210 S. 34th Street), led the race and won in both categories with a 7.57% reduction in electricity usage, and Reduction in Electricity Usage per Square Foot, at -5 kwh/1000sq.ft.

All reductions compare to a unique baseline for each building. Champions in this competition also received a $750 prize to be used for a building-wide celebration.


Penn’s ReThink Your Footprint Campaign increases awareness of waste minimization strategies including enhanced recycling and composting efforts.

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