About the Student Sustainability Association at Penn

As the official umbrella group of environmental sustainability student groups on campus, the Student Sustainability Association at Penn (SSAP) was founded in 2010 to foster cohesion among environmentally-focused student groups, develop strategies for impacting campus sustainability, and create a unified student voice on green issues at Penn.

As the student environmental community has grown immensly since the 2009 launch of Penn's Climate Action Plan, SSAP helps to foster increased collaboration among the 20 student environmental groups on campus and between students, staff, and faculty working on environmental issues. In addition, SSAP also provides funding and support to both constituents and non-constituent groups to further their work on sustainability issues. 




We are currently members of University Council, UA Steering, and University Life, meeting regularly with leaders of other  organizations on campus to create meaningful partnerships with student government.

We are also incredibly proud to present our constituent groups' accomplishments from this past year. Please see our new 2013-2014 State of SSAP here


Our Constituent Groups

Below are groups currently represented by SSAP  (please click here for more information about these groups)







Past Events & Projects

Below are a couple examples of events and projects hosted by SSAP. For a full list of all our constituent groups' events and initiatives, please visit our website.

Green Week

A week featured every semester where constituent groups host a variety of sustainability-oriented events. Past Green Week events have included a tour of the Singh Centre of Nanotechnology, a tour of the Kelly Writers' House, a forum reducing food waste, a film screening, trips to Bartram's Garden and the Morris Arboretum, events focused on sustainable food, and a quizzo night at City Tap House. 

Formation of Sustainable Philadelphia Alliance of Regional Campuses (SPARC)

SPARC was launched in January 2014 to promote collaboration among sustianability groups from Philadelphia-area colleges, universities, and other partners. These include Penn, Drexel, St.Joe's, Temple, MAJR Magazine, Forsei Consulting, and City CoHo. The goal of this organization is to foster collaboration between groups and to create a resource bank for various environmental initiatives. Visit for more information. 

Defining the Scope of Sustainability Panel

Every semester, SSAP holds a discussion panel featuring four of Penn's leading experts on sustainability to discuss interdisciplinary sustainability issues, ranging from food policy, to energy systems, to corporate responsibility. Past panelists have included Mary Summers, Andrew Huemmler, Michael Naim, and Stephen Baer. Our constituent groups also host more focused panels on specific topics,like energy, by bringing in speakers from the Philly community. 

Contact Us

If you have any questions about what we do or how to implement a sustainability-related idea on Penn's campus, please do not hesitate to contact us! We would love to help out. 

For more information and/or to subscribe to our listserv, please visit our SSAP website.

You can also contact the current SSAP Executive Board here.

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