Green Office Certification

The Penn Green Office Program

Offices represent a significant portion of campus energy and material use and waste production. The Green Campus Partnership recognizes the efforts of staff and faculty to green their daily activities by offering four levels of Green Office certification.

Participating offices earn points by completing specific sustainability actions, which are assigned point values based on their impact and level of difficulty to implement. Offices can choose to aim for the highest level from the start, or work their way up slowly from Level One. Level One certification can be reached with 25 easily achievable actions, while subsequent levels require increasingly more effort and cost, but also have increasing impact. The checklist provided below can be used to track points and mark progress towards your target level.

Participating green offices will receive a certificate celebrating their achievement, and will be acknowledged on the Green Campus Partnership website and other publications for their positive contribution to sustainability at Penn.

The Green Office Program is organized into seven sustainability categories:

  • Waste
  • Purchasing
  • Energy
  • Water
  • Indoor Air Quality and Human Health
  • Transportation
  • Involvement

Actions are assigned point values based on impact and level of difficulty to implement.  Some actions can be implemented at no cost; others may have a cost associated with initial implementation, but result in operational savings over time. Offices can be certified at four levels based on the number of points achieved.  The entry certification level (Level 1) is based on an office being able to implement at least 25 easily achievable actions.  The relative ease of entry into the first level of the program is intended to gain widespread participation from offices around the campus.

Each subsequent level requires increasingly more time, effort, and/or financial investment.  Each of the actions has an accompanying “How To” document to assist offices in implementation, including information specific to implementing the action on the Penn campus.

There are over 250 possible points that can be earned.  No office is expected to implement all the actions listed in this document.  Points required for certification are:

  • LEVEL 3 130 POINTS
  • LEVEL 4 180 POINTS

To encourage efforts that will last beyond the participation of a few individuals in an office, certification at Levels 1 and 2 requires at least 50% of the office to sign the certification form. Certification at Levels 3 and 4 requires signatures from at least 75% of the office.

Certification is valid for 2 years from the date of award.  To recertify, an office must submit a new application for certification.  Offices will receive a certificate for the level achieved.  The certificate should be placed in an area where it will be easily viewed by staff and visitors to the office.

Sustainability staff are available to talk with your office about the Green Office program and to assist your office in reviewing its operations and selecting the appropriate level of certification to strive for. To set up a talk or get assistance for your office, send an email to, using the subject line "Green Office".


  1. Download and complete the Green Office Certification Checklist [.xlsx] by marking all the actions applicable to your office.  If you have questions or need assistance in filling out the checklist, please e-mail and use the subject line “Green Office”.
  2. Use the Green Office Certification Checklist (link above) to calculate your score and determine which certification level your office should target.
  3. Your application must be signed by the office head or program director.  A percentage of office members, as noted above, must also sign to affirm that their office is taking the steps identified in the checklist. As a self-certification program, the Green Office program does not require a formal audit by the Green Campus Partnership, although certification status is subject to periodic review.
  4. Send the complete checklist and application forms to, using the subject line “Green Office” or to Green Campus Partnership, Facilities & Real Estate Services. 3101 Walnut Street, Philadelphia, PA 19104.

Actions and initiatives required to achieve Green Office Certification.

Complete the Penn Green Office Certification Checklist and Application to have your office featured right here on the Green Campus Partnership website!