Power Down Challenge

Power Down Challenge 2016

For Power Down Challenge 2016 discover ways to reduce your energy consumption on campus!

The Power Down Challenge empowers students, faculty, and staff to reduce their energy consumption and deepen their understanding of energy issues. Throughout the month of February, join us for educational events and programs about energy consumption, reduction, and innovation. Students, staff, and faculty are encouraged to host their own events to promote energy conservation and energy literacy. The month-long Power Down campaign culminates in a collaborative, campus-wide energy reduction challenge on February 24th. 

In connection with the University's Academic Theme Year, the Power Down Challenge encourages Penn community to "discover" ways in which energy consumption affects our community and environment- and how we can come together to strengthen our conservation efforts . 

Save the Dates

  1. February 1st - Power Down Kick-Off Event
  2. February 24th - Power Down Day: 24-hour collaborative reduction
  3. February 29th - Challenge concludes

An event calendar will be posted shortly. 

Join the Challenge

  1. Reduce your consumption: check out our Power Down Tips (coming soon).
  2. Raise awareness: here are some marketing materials for your community (coming soon).
  3. Plan an event: submit your own Power Down event.
  4. Contact us with any questions: sustainability@upenn.edu.

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