Our Committment

Penn President Amy Gutmann introduces Climate Action Plan 2.0, which serves as Penn’s blueprint for environmental excellence.

Green Fund Projects

Green Fund Projects

Green Fund Projects support goals and objectives outlined in Penn’s Climate Action Plan, a long-range strategy launched in Fall 2009 to reduce the University’s carbon footprint and enhance its overall sustainability.

Spring 2013

“To Go” food containers are widely used on campus, and will become more sustainable this Fall through the support of a Green Fund grant to Penn Hospitality Services and Bon Appétit. They will use...View Project »
The Ben’s Attic website, developed by Purchasing Services for the exchange and purchase of surplus University-owned property, will get a software update and a number of user enhancements thanks to a...View Project »
To further the goal of reducing single occupancy vehicle travel to Penn as part of the Sustainable Transportation Initiative, Penn’s Business Services Division has provided bicyclists with two repair...View Project »
Conceived during the 2013 Penn Apps hackathon, GreenVote is a smartphone app designed by three Penn undergrads that will be used to collect real-time thermal comfort data of occupants in Penn...View Project »

Fall 2012

The Civic House received funding for a feasibility study to investigate what would be required to bring Civic House to the Passive House standard. “Passive House” concept; an energy‐efficient...View Project »
This project will develop a Shoemaker Green monitoring plan that can support the mission of extending the classroom to the landscape while also contributing knowledge of lessons learned to the...View Project »
The Lenape Botanical Garden will serve to establish and reinforce a sense of place for Penn's Native American community. It will also build awareness and allow the larger community to learn more...View Project »
The Penn Museum recieved a Fall 2012 Green Fund grant to begin composting food waste from its cafes.View Project »

Spring 2012

This project was awarded a Green Fund grant to enhance Housekeeping's green cleaning efforts, specifically the purchase of 20 Orbio Battery Operated Totes and 4 Adfinity X20R Rev machines. With the...View Project »
This pilot project will replace paper towels with hand dryers in 20 bathrooms in Ware College House. The goal of the project is to pilot the feasibility of replacing paper towels with hand dryers,...View Project »
The SEAS Green Team has identified a burgeoning desire within the School to provide a simpler system for recycling. Feedback from faculty, students and staff confirms a general confusion about...View Project »
The Digital Shower Timer Project's goals are to not only save water, decreasing Penn's water footprint, but also encourage lifelong sustainable conservation policies. 200 digital shower timers,...View Project »
The School of Arts and Sciences Facilities, Planning and Operations group recieved a Green Fund grant to purchase an electric Columbia ParCar Mega Van to replace a 21 year old, fossil fuel powered...View Project »

Fall 2011

Fall 2011 Urban Nutrition Initiative Establishment of Franklin’s Farmers, a network of gardeners at Penn who cultivate community, health, and environmental awareness along with fresh fruits and...View Project »
Purchase and installation of a compost tea brewing system, and the equipment and training necessary for the implementation of a Sustainable Landscape Management program for the Arboretum. Compost tea...View Project »
BUSINESS SERVICES Installation of a water density system for the Penn Ice Rink that will reduce the Rink's energy usage and provide an improved ice product to customersView Project »
DEPARTMENT OF CHEMISTRY Purchase of a 2-year University-level site license for a Chemical Inventory management system bar-code reader technology. The system will greatly improve Penn's ability to...View Project »
This Green Fund grant supported the establishment of a peer-reviewed undergraduate journal on sustainability, The Penn Sustainability Review (PSR). PSR is a student-run online and print publication...View Project »
Department of Recreation & Intercollegiate Athletics (DRIA) Installation of ozone washing machines at the Pottruck Health and Fitness Center, which currently uses eight-year-old traditional...View Project »
New Bolton Center Funding for an energy audit on an energy-intensive laboratory space at New Bolton Center. The project will build upon a previous Green Fund grant to the New Bolton Center, which...View Project »
Penn Student Services A pilot bike-share program to be headquartered at Hill College House, with potential to expand to other College Houses. Developed in collaboration with the Penn Office of Risk...View Project »
Development of PennRoutes , a routing system to make Penn Shuttles more efficient and reduce emissions. Penn Shuttle drivers will enter passengers' addresses on a tablet. After all of the passengers...View Project »

Spring 2011

Chi Omega Sorority A series of water conservation retrofits at the Chi Omega Chapter house will bridge the 2010-2011 Year of Water and 2011-2012 Year of Games. Retrofits being installed at the Chi...View Project »
Penn Children's Center The PCC at 31st & Chestnut Streets will add a composter and raised planter beds to the center’s urban garden. The garden is flourishing with the help of Penn Children's...View Project »
MORRIS ARBORETUM An EPA-certified hydronic heater unit (an outdoor wood-fired boiler) will heat the Arboretum’s Horticulture Garage through the use of waste wood. Fuel cost savings from the...View Project »
Perelman School of Medicine Laboratories, with their high air exchange requirements, combined with energy demanding equipment, make research buildings on Penn's campus the highest producers of carbon...View Project »

Fall 2010

Annenberg Center for the Performing Arts The Annenberg Center for the Performing Arts will install a new mobile, digital, LED-based system of intelligent follow spotlights to replace its current 40-...View Project »
Penn Parking Services will install charging stations on campus to provide power for electric PhillyCarShare and Zipcar vehicles. Following the revision of an agreement with the City of Philadelphia,...View Project »
Civic House Additional support has been awarded to the Green Acorn Certification Program, a Fall 2009 Green Fund project, to raise awareness of the initiative through an expanded marketing and...View Project »
Fall 2010 Information Systems & Computing information Systems & Computing will install a desktop energy management program on 1500-2000 systems that enables departments to minimize desktop...View Project »
PENN WOMEN’S CENTER The Penn Women’s Center created an environmental education kitchen that will using locally sourced, recycled materials, and ENERGY STAR appliances. Members of the Penn...View Project »
Funding for the installation of LED lighting in 12 heavily used classrooms in Williams Hall. This project is part of a long-term goal of replacing fluorescent and incandescent lighting with LED...View Project »

Spring 2010

SCHOOL OF VETERINARY MEDICINE Installation of a 1,000-2,000 gallon storm water collection tank and drought resistant plantings in the Old Vet Quad Courtyard Green Space. SVM will investigate using...View Project »
OFFICE OF FRATERNITY AND SORORITY AFFAIRS Implementation of building energy retrofits for the Castle. The brothers of the Castle will also host a series of educational events about sustainability and...View Project »
TRANSLATIONAL RESEARCH LAB Installation of a 6x100 KVAR automatic capacitor bank at the Translational Research Lab (TRL) to improve the building’s energy performance. A 480 volt secondary switchboard...View Project »
The Annenberg Public Policy Center will install a worm composting system to reduce the amount of food waste in the building and to educate staff about the composting process. Compost will be used as...View Project »
CHARLES ADDAMS HALL The Shades of Green project is an ecological retrofit of Addams Hall. Proposed retrofits focus on energy and water conservation in the most heavily used areas of the building –...View Project »
Installation of one 20-yard recycling compactor and one 6-yard trash compactor in the Department of Chemistry loading dock in order to implement a department-wide lab glass and lab metal recycling...View Project »
NEW BOLTON CENTER Meter installation at the New Bolton Center to measure energy use. 16 meters were installed on the New Bolton Center campus additional meters will be installed incrementally as...View Project »
COLLEGE HOUSING AND ACADEMIC SERVICES Installation of thirty occupancy sensors to monitor and control energy for heating/cooling units in the Quad. The occupancy sensors were installed in August 2010...View Project »

Fall 2009

PENN ENVIRONMENTAL GROUP An environmental certification process and checklist for local businesses and vendors. A total of 12 businesses have received Green Acorn Business Certification and several...View Project »
STOUFFER COLLEGE HOUSE Originally designed as married student housing, Mayer Hall features apartments with larger kitchens and multiple bedrooms. Students interested in cooking and large apartments...View Project »
Planning and implementing a demonstration vegetable garden and urban agriculture project on Penn’s campus. In September 2011, the Penn Garden successfully completed one full year of growing and has...View Project »
FELS INSTITUTE OF GOVERNMENT A managed competition for energy reduction and behavior change in select College Houses. The Energy Showdown hosted its first competition in the Spring 2010 semester. The...View Project »
MORRIS ARBORETUM Transportation for the University community to the Morris Arboretum for specific programs and events. On April 17, 2010, a full bus headed off to the Morris Arboretum for their...View Project »
SIGMA CHI FRATERNITY Energy-saving building envelope improvements for a historic building. Window installation was completed during the Fall 2010 semester and the project’s energy savings are now...View Project »
UNIVERSITY CITY DISTRICT A student-led energy efficiency plan for retail merchants in Penn’s off-campus properties along 40th Street. The 40th Street Sustainability Smackdown was held from October 11...View Project »
SCHOOL OF MEDICINE Lighting retrofits for School of Medicine buildings, including installation of occupancy sensors and LED fixtures. The Perelman School of Medicine has installed approximately 200...View Project »
A pilot of a high-efficiency electric vehicle to support new security patrols in Penn Park. The T3 Series Three-Wheeled Electric Vehicle was delivered in the summer of 2010 and rolled out for test...View Project »