Use these guidelines and manuals to help guide your environmental sustainability efforts.


The Zero Waste How-To Guide was developed by the Green Campus Partnership to help student, faculty and staff in the Penn community achieve zero waste status at events ranging from department-wide gatherings to small staff meetings, staff picnics to lunchtime seminars.

College House Resident Assistants (RAs) or Graduate Associates (GAs) have a unique opportunity to help frame the way their residents understand environmental sustainability at Penn.

Teaching practices contribute significantly to Penn’s efforts to become a more sustainable University.

Use this form to complete your step-by-step action plan to reduce your office's energy usage when called for an event such as a "Red Day."

Although there is single-stream recycling throughout Penn's campus, where you take your recyclables varies in each College House


Penn President Amy Gutmann was the first Ivy League President to sign the University Presidents' Climate Commitment.