Campus Building Competition

Penn's Green Campus Partnership ran a four-week competition among a select group of non-residential campus buildings represented by various schools and centers to see which one could reduce its electricity the most over the course of the competition. Occupants in each building were challenged to reduce their normal electricity usage and help play a role in Penn’s energy conservation initiatives.

Every week, each building’s energy consumption was calculated and standings results posted on the Building Dashboard website and in participating building lobbies. The competition was based on two different measurements of reduction:  % reduction in average daily kWh usage and reduction in average daily kWh use per square foot . All reductions compare to a unique baseline for each building.

Participants in the 2013-2014 Power Down Challenge were:

Towne Building -- School of Engineering and Applied Sciences (220 S. 33rd Street)

Huntsman Hall -- Wharton School (3730 Walnut Street)

Meyerson Hall -- School of Design (210 S. 34th Street)

Biomedical Research Building 2 (BRB2) -- Penn Medicine (421 Curie Blvd.)

Williams Hall -- School of Arts & Sciences (255 S. 36th Street)

Law School (Gittis Hall, Golkin Hall, Silverman Hall, Tanenbaum Hall -- all metered as one) (Chestnut, Sansom, and 34th Streets)

Graduate School of Education (GSE) (3700 Walnut Street)


Participating buildings were ranked based on their average daily percent electricity reduction and total kilowatt-hour per square foot reduction against their unique baseline. The building with the highest percent reduction and the building with the greatest kilowatt-hour per square foot reduction at the end of the competition was the winners.

Non-Residential Power Down Stories

Many thanks to the Power Down Coordinators in Wharton, SEAS, Medicine, Design, and SAS for sharing their 2014 stories and photos with us! 


After 4 weeks of competition, the final standings are:

Percent Reduction in Electricity Use

  1. Meyerson Hall (-7.57%)  - Winner
  2. BRB2  (-0.41%)
  3. Law School  (+1.02%)
  4. Hunstman Hall  (+1.57%)
  5. GSE (+3.12%)
  6. Towne Hall (+3.38%)
  7. Williams Hall  (+3.81%)

Reduction in Electricity Usage Per Square Foot 

  1. Meyerson Hall (-5 kwh/1000sq.ft.) - Winner
  2. BRB2 (-1 kwh/1000sq.ft.)
  3.  Law School(+/-0 kwh/1000sq.ft.)
  4.  Huntsman Hall, Towne Hall, WIlliams Hall  (+1 kwh/1000sq.ft.)
  5. GSE (+2 kwh/1000sq.ft.)

View the daily results for this year's competition on the Power Down Challenge Dashboard.  Weekly rankings and building energy usage are posted here.  You can also make commitments, discuss best practices, and connect to social media.  


Energy savings are displayed in savings of kWh and dollars. The estimated dollar savings are based on an average rate of $.09/kWh for residential and commercial electricity pricing in our region.