Campus Building Competition

The Power Down Challenge for campus buildings is a month-long energy reduction competition among a select group of non-residential buildings representing various schools and centers. Occupants compete to see which building can reduce its electricity use the most over the course of the competition and contribute to Penn's energy conservation goals.

2015 Competition

Every week, each building’s electricity consumption will be calculated and standings results posted on this website and in participating building lobbies. The 2015 competition will be based on two different measurements of reduction: 

  • Percent reduction in average daily kWh usage and
  • Reduction in average daily kWh use per square foot

All reductions are based on a comparison to a baseline electricity usage determine for each building. Each building's consumption will be posted weekly.  The winning building for each category will receive a $750 prize and any additional buildings achieving a 10% reduction will receive a $250 prize.

Final Results

After four weeks of the competition, the winners are:

  • for Percent Reduction in Electricity Use:  Law School with a 4.6% reduction;
  • for Reduction in Electricity Use Per Square Foot:  Levine Labs with a reduction of 2 kWh/’000 sq.ft.

Percent Change in Electricity Use

  1. Law Complex (4.6% total reduction) 
  2. SP2 - 3815 Walnut (4.4% total reduction)
  3. Levine  (4.1% total reduction) 
  4. Meyerson Hall (0.1% total increase)
  5. Franklin Building (1.2% total increase) 
  6. BRB2  (2.7% total increase) 
  7. Cohen Hall (3.0% total increase) 
  8. Huntsman (3.4% total increase) 

Change in Electricity Usage Per Square Foot 

  1. Levine (-2 kWh/1000sq.ft.)
  2. SP2 - 3815 Walnut & Law Complex (-1 kWh/1000sq.ft.)
  3. Meyerson Hall (+0 kWh/1000sq.ft.)
  4. Cohen Hall &  Franklin Building (+1 kWh/1000sq.ft.)
  5. Huntsman (+2 kWh/1000sq.ft.)
  6. BRB2 (+5 kWh/1000sq.ft.