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Penn President Amy Gutmann introduces Climate Action Plan 2.0, which serves as Penn’s blueprint for environmental excellence.

College House Competition

The Power Down Challenge is a four-week energy competition among all College Houses and Sansom Place to see which residence can reduce its electricity the most over the course of the competition. Residents in each building are challenged to reduce their normal electricity usage and help play a role in Penn’s energy conservation initiatives.

Prior to the start of the competition, each house’s energy consumption is calculated as a part of a unique baseline reading. (Because the Quad is metered as one building, Fisher Hassenfeld, Ware, and Riepe work together as a single building.)  Going forward, each residence's energy consumption will be calculated and posted online weekly.  
The competition is based on two different measurements:  (1) percent reduction in average daily kWh use and (2) gross electricity reduction (most kWh).  The winning building for each category will receive a $750 prize and any additional buildings achieving a 10% reduction will receive a $250 prize.


After the final week of the competition, the winners are DuBois College House and Sansom Place!  Congratulations to both buildings for their victory.

Percent Reduction in Electricity Use

  1. DuBois (-4.5%)
  2. Sansom Place (-3.4%)
  3. Gregory (-2.0%)
  4. Rodin (-1.2%)
  5. Hill (-0.6%)
  6. Harnwell (0.0%)
  7. Kings Court English (+0.9%)
  8. Quad (+1.2%)
  9. Stouffer (+1.4%)
  10. Harrison (+3.1%)

Gross Reduction in Electricity Use

  1. Sansom Place (-10,446 kWh)
  2. Rodin (-2,099 kWh)
  3. DuBois (-1,546 kWh)
  4. Gregory (-905 kWh)
  5. Hill (-806 kWh)
  6. Harnwell (+73 kWh)
  7. Kings Court English (+828 kWh)
  8. Stouffer (+1,387 kWh)
  9. Quad (+3,372 kWh)
  10. Harrison (+5,282 kWh)


Tell us about your experience in this year's competition by taking the Power Down Challenge survey.  All respondents will be entered into a raffle to win one of five Penn Fleece Blankets from the bookstore.
College House Power Down Stories

Many thanks to the Student Eco-Reps in Hill, Fisher-Hassenfield, Harrison, Rodin, Kings Court-English and Gregory College Houses for sharing their 2014 stories and photos with us!



View additional results and information for this year's competition on the Power Down Challenge Dashboard.  Weekly rankings and building energy usage are posted here.  You can also make commitments, discuss best practices, and connect to social media.  


Energy savings are displayed in savings of kWh and dollars. The estimated dollar savings are based on an average rate of $.09/kWh for residential and commercial electricity pricing in our region.