College House Competition

The Power Down Challenge is a month-long energy reduction competition among College House and Sansom Place residents hosted by Penn's Green Campus Partnership.  Students in each residence participate to see which building can reduce its energy use the most and compete for prizes.

The 2015 Competition

Each year, Penn's residences compete to see which building can achieve the great energy reduction and contribute to the University's Climate Action Plan goals to reduce the campus's carbon footprint.  Before the start of the Power Down Challenge, each house’s average energy use is calculated as a part of a unique baseline reading, which is used as a basis for comparison during the competition.  Because the Quad is metered as one building, Fisher Hassenfeld, Ware, and Riepe collaborate together as a single building.
Electricity is measured in kilowatt-hours to determine the competition winner.
The competition is based on two different measurements:  (1) Percent reduction in average electricity usage and (2) Total gross electricity reduction.  The winning building for each category will receive various prizes, which are listed below.

Competition Prizes

The winning College Houses will each receive a catered dessert reception from Ben & Jerry's to celebrate their victory (read their latest Social & Environmental Assessment Report)!  Residents from the winning house will also have a chance to win free Penn apparel to help them stay warm and turn down the thermostat during the winter months.  There will be additional prizes offered through social media engagement for interested students!

Week 3 Results

In the third week of the Power Down Challenge, the biggest change came from a strong performance by Harrison College House, which surged into 2nd place right behind Rodin. Currently, Rodin still leads the competition in both categories with a 2.11% and 2355 kWh/day electricity reduction, but it's neck and neck going into the last week, and Gregory isn't far behind! Good luck to everyone in the final week of the competition!