Green Fund Projects

T3 Series Three-Wheeled Electric Vehicle

The Division of Public Safety (DPS) received Green Fund support in Fall 2009 for the purchase of a T3 Series three-wheeled electric vehicle to support a DPS patrol initiative. This vehicle is used by the Allied Barton security officers to patrol in and around Penn Park, providing an effective means of patrolling this open space area.  The project started with the purchase of one T3 Series electric vehicle and has since expanded to two vehicles in an effort to continue supporting the University’s Climate Action Plan goals.

Green Fund Summary Report: T3 Electric Vehicle


Project Leader: 
Laurie Fanelly, Director, Finance and Administration, Division of Public Safety
Project Sponsor: 
Maureen Rush, Vice President, Division of Public Safety


There are approximately 7,000 trees on Penn’s campus—568 of which are in Penn Park.