There's a lot that goes on behind the scenes in order for you to be able to turn on the lights, operate appliances, and charge your electronics. The purpose of this page is to help you better understand the commodity that is electricity, and how conservation on campus affects you as well as our surrounding region.

This section contains some of the most frequently asked questions about sustainability at Penn.

Use these guidelines and manuals to help guide your environmental sustainability efforts.

Use these resources to help you find "green" locations on Penn's campus.

ReThink Your Footprint Waste Minimization Campaign Posters

Visit the ReThink program page for posters, logos, and other images related to our waste minimization awareness campaign.

Zero-waste Event Posters

Visit the Zero-waste Event page under Resources for posters on Compost, Landfill, and Recycle to be used at a zero-waste event. Zero-waste logos are also available.

Recycling Posters

Penn now recycles ALL plastic. This includes plastic containers (both numbered and unnumbered), plastic utensils, plastic bags, and plastic wrap. Please dispose of ALL plastic into recycling bins. Additionally, Penn also now recycles aluminum foil.

Videos of the Green Campus Partnership, the umbrella group that addresses environmental sustainability and stewardship at Penn are available on their YouTube channel are available on the Web at


Sustainable catering packages are offered through Perelman Quadrangle.