ReThink "Happenings"


Check back often for new Happenings and links to programs, events, and activities from across the Penn Community for ReThink Your Footprint 2015.

2015 ReThink Your Footprint "Happenings"
September 22 Planning for ReThink Your Footprint Presentation at Staff & Faculty Eco-Reps Meeting  
November BYO Mug Free Coffee at the New Bolton Center Cafe during ReThink Your Footprint  
November 2 Penn Undergraduate Climate Action Grant Luncheon  
November 3 ReThink Your Footprint: Green Labs 8am - 10am CRB Lobby
November 4 ReThink Lunchtime Film Screening: Addicted to Plastic 12pm - 1pm ARCH 108
November 5 E-Waste Collection Day: Hill Pavilion Lobby and Levine Lobby 11am - 2pm
November 10 Student Eco-Reps Lunchtime Speaker: Revolution Recovery  
November 11 ReThink Lunchtime Film Screening: Trash Dance 12pm - 1 pm ARCH 108
  ReThink Lunchtime Film Screening: Addicted to Plastic 11:30am - 1pm Woerner Amphitheater, New Bolton Center
  SEAS Sustainability Fair, Levine Lobby 10am - 12:30pm
November 12 E-Waste Collection Day: Fagin Hall Lobby and BRB II Lobby 11am - 2pm
November 13 Campus Ecology Walking Tour; starts in front of Hayden Hall 12pm-1pm
November 17 BA & Housekeeping Management Lunch & Learn Hosted by the Solid Waste Management Working Group  
November 18 E-Waste Collection Day: Alumni Hall, New Bolton Center 11am - 2pm
November 19 E-Waste Collection Day: The Goat Lounge, Law School 11am - 2pm
  State of Composting at Penn Presentation at Staff & Faculty Eco-Reps Meeting  

On-going "Happenings"

Green Event Guide

Mini Trash Cans at the School of Nursing

Reusable Sharps Program

Office Cleanout Guide

Student Eco-Reps Design Compost Site at Bartram's Farm

Food Recovery at Penn

Penn Urban Parks' new landscape composting site

SEAS Recycling Center

Student Eco Reps support Recycling Program at Philly Schools

Student Eco Reps work with the Phila Recycling Office

Student Eco Reps strengthen Writing Instruments Recycling Program