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What's PVN?

PVN is the campus television service for the University of Pennsylvania. We are available in over 80 locations, including all College Houses, Sansom Place, many GreekNet OFSL houses, and several administrative and class buildings on campus. We broadcast 100 digital channels using ClearQAM technology. There is no additional charge for PVN CATV service for on-campus residential users.

If you're an administrative user, go here to view our current rates.

See PVN's all-digital channel lineup.


PVN television is a plug-and-play all-digital service. To receive the lineup, your TV or tuner must support ClearQAM. (What's QAM?) Most TVs manufactured post-2009 support ClearQAM, but if your TV does not have a ClearQAM tuner, you may need a ClearQAM tuner box. See our channel lineup page for some ClearQAM tuner boxes, available for separate purchase.

Basic Set-up Steps for your TV

  1. 1.) Connect a standard F-type RG6 coaxial cable from your PennNet wallplate to your TV.
  2. 2.) Run your TV's Channel Scan or Autoprogram function. Make sure your TV is set to CABLE or STANDARD/STD, and that you have QAM or DIGITAL search enabled (this may be an extra step).
  3. 3.) Let the Channel Scan finish. Once it's finished, you should be good to go!

If your TV is not receiving PVN's digital signal, check out our troubleshooting tips.

More than "just TV"

PVN is much more than just what comes out of your cable TV jack. In addition to the basic cable lineup, we program a 24-hour Movie Channel (channel 72-1), which runs the latest blockbusters, as well as classic and independent films, and many curriculum support films: 25-40% of the titles we air are related to academic classes and Penn events.

We operate the Video Bulletin Board (channel 71-1), which is available at no charge to faculty, staff, and student groups, for promoting classes, events, and other announcements.

We invite all students, faculty, and staff to take advantage of what we offer, by requesting movies, submitting announcements, or arranging for a special video event. We're here to serve you!

IPTV - TV and Movies on-demand

PVN offers two on-demand streaming services: XFINITY on Campus and Resident Select.


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