PVN Movie Channel 22: November 2013 Descriptions

Movie descriptions are reprinted from promotional materials provided by the film distribution companies and the Internet Movie Database.

The complete November 2013 Movie Channel schedule is available.

Starring Tina Fey, Paul Rudd, Nat Wolff; directed by Paul Weitz.
Comedy, 2013, PG-13, 108 min.
A Princeton admissions officer who is up for a major promotion takes a professional risk after she meets a college-bound alternative school kid who just might be the son she gave up years ago in a secret adoption. [imdb]

Starring Christopher Plummer, John Plumpis; directed by Erik Canuel.
Drama, 2011, Not Rated, 84 min.
As John Barrymore reckons with the ravages of his life of excess, he rents an old theatre to rehearse for a backer's audition to raise money for a revival of his 1920 Broadway triumph in Richard III. [imdb]

Starring Jeffrey Wright, Michael Wincott, Benicio Del Toro; directed by Julian Schnabel.
Biography, 1996, R, 108 min.
Basquiat tells the story of the meteoric rise of youthful artist Jean-Michel Basquiat. Starting out as a street artist, living in Thompkins Square Park in a cardboard box, Jean-Michel is "discovered" by Andy Warhol's art world and becomes a star. But success has a high price, and Basquiat pays with friendship, love, and eventually, his life. [imdb]

Starring Julia Stiles, Melissa George, Taye Diggs; directed by Dan Mirvish.
Drama, 2012, R, 92 min.
Two couples reunite over two incendiary evenings where anything can happen in this darkly comedic story of best friends, marriage, love, disappointment and dreams. [imdb]

Starring Matthew Fox, Colin Moy, Tommy Lee Jones; directed by Peter Webber.
Drama, 2012, PG-13, 106 min.
As the Japanese surrender at the end of WWII, Gen. Fellers is tasked with deciding if Emperor Hirohito will be hanged as a war criminal. Influencing his ruling is his quest to find Aya, an exchange student he met years earlier in the U.S. [imdb]

Starring Aaron Eckhart, Nick Alachiotis, Liana Liberato; directed by Philipp Stölzl.
Action, 2012, R, 105 min.
An ex-CIA agent and his estranged daughter are forced on the run when his employers erase all records of his existence, and mark them both for termination as part of a wide-reaching international conspiracy. [imdb]

Starring Isabel Christine Andreasen, Ingrid Bolsø Berdal, Kristian Espedal; directed by Roar Uthaug.
Action, 2012, Not Rated, 78 min.
It's been ten years since the Black Plague ravaged the lands. A poor family sets out on a journey to find a better place to live. On a desolate mountain pass, the family is attacked by a pack of merciless killers. The only one to be spared is 19 year old Signe, who is taken hostage and brought back to camp. There she learns she is to face a fate far worse than death, and she realizes the only thing to do is to run away. But her escape does not go unnoticed, and now the chase is on. [imdb]

Starring Bill Murray, Laura Linney, Olivia Williams; directed by Roger Michell.
Biography, 2012, R, 95 min.
The story of the love affair between FDR and his distant cousin Margaret "Daisy" Suckley, centered around the weekend in 1939 when the King and Queen of the United Kingdom visited upstate New York. [imdb]

Starring Jason Bateman, Melissa McCarthy, John Cho; directed by Seth Gordon.
Comedy, 2013, R, 112 min.
Mild-mannered businessman Sandy Patterson travels from Denver to Florida to confront the deceptively harmless-looking woman who has been living it up after stealing Sandy's identity. [imdb]

Starring Florian Lukas, David Kross, Lachlan Nieboer; directed by Petter Næss.
Action, 2012, R, 105 min.
Norway, WWII: A group of British and German soldiers find themselves stranded in the wilderness after an aircraft battle. Finding shelter in the same cabin, they realize the only way to survive the winter is to place the rules of war aside. [imdb]

Starring Rachel Boston, Laura Adkin, Kevin M. Brennan; directed by Todd Berger.
Comedy, drama, 2012, R, 88 min.
Four couples meet for Sunday brunch only to discover they are stuck in a house together as the world may be about to end. [imdb]

Starring Rob Base, Busy Bee; directed by James Chankin.
Music, 2003, Not Rated, 109 min.
Misleadingly titled, Kings of Hip Hop: Classic Material is not a compilation of old-school classics, but a live performance instead, recorded at New York's Webster Hall in the early 2000s. Busy Bee ("Suicide," "Vintage Busy Bee"), Melle Mel & the Furious 5 ("White Lines," "The Message") and Rob Base & DJ E-Z Rock ("Joy and Pain," "It Takes Two") provide the material, most of which is pulled off rather well by live hip-hop standards. Naturally, none of these versions will be preferable to the original studio tracks, so the disc will appeal primarily to diehards and historians. [imdb]

Starring Matthew McConaughey, Tye Sheridan, Jacob Lofland; directed by Jeff Nichols.
Drama, 2012, PG-13, 131 min.
Two young boys encounter a fugitive and form a pact to help him evade the bounty hunters on his trail and to reunite him with his true love. [imdb]

Starring Tom Cruise, Morgan Freeman, Andrea Riseborough; directed by Joseph Kosinski.
Action, 2013, PG-13, 125 min.
A veteran assigned to extract Earth's remaining resources begins to question what he knows about his mission and himself. [imdb]

Starring Matt Damon, Frances McDormand, John Krasinski; directed by Gus Van Sant.
Drama, 2012, R, 107 min.
A salesman for a natural gas company experiences life-changing events after arriving in a small town, where his corporation wants to tap into the available resources. [imdb]

Starring Jason Statham, Agata Buzek, Vicky McClure; directed by Steven Knight.
Action, 2013, R, 101 min.
Homeless and on the run from a military court martial, a damaged ex-special forces soldier navigating London's criminal underworld seizes an opportunity to assume another man's identity -- transforming into an avenging angel in the process. [imdb]

Starring Julianne Hough, Josh Duhamel, Cobie Smulders; directed by Lasse Hallström.
Drama, 2013, PG-13, 116 min.
A young woman with a mysterious past lands in Southport, North Carolina where her bond with a widower forces her to confront the dark secret that haunts her. [imdb]

Starring Halle Berry, Evie Thompson, Abigail Breslin; directed by Brad Anderson.
Crime, thriller, 2013, R, 95 min.
When a veteran 911 operator takes a life-altering call from a teenage girl who has just been abducted, she realizes that she must confront a killer from her past in order to save the girl's life. [imdb]

Starring John Phillip Law, Caroline Munro, Tom Baker; directed by Gordon Hessler.
Family adventure, 1973, G, 105 min.
Sinbad and his crew intercept a homunculus carrying a golden tablet. Koura, the creator of the homunculus and practitioner of evil magic, wants the tablet back and pursues Sinbad. Meanwhile Sinbad meets the Vizier who has another part of the interlocking golden map, and they mount a quest across the seas to solve the riddle of the map, accompanied by a slave girl with a mysterious tattoo of an eye on her palm. They encounter strange beasts, tempests, and the dark interference of Koura along the way. [imdb]

Starring Leonardo DiCaprio, Carey Mulligan, Joel Edgerton; directed by Baz Luhrmann.
Drama, 2013, PG-13, 143 min.
A Midwestern war veteran finds himself drawn to the past and lifestyle of his millionaire neighbor. [imdb]

Starring Joel Evans, Benjamin Bratt, Kiowa Gordon; directed by Anita Doron.
Drama, 2012, R, 86 min.
A drama centered on a First Nations teenager trying to find his place in the modern world. [imdb]

Starring Jurnee Smollett-Bell, Vanessa Williams, Brandy Norwood; directed by Tyler Perry.
Drama, 2013, PG-13, 112 min.
An ambitious married woman's temptation by a handsome billionaire leads to betrayal, recklessness, and forever alters the course of her life. [imdb]

Starring Jim Sturgess, Kirsten Dunst, Timothy Spall; directed by Juan Solanas.
Drama, 2012, PG-13, 108 min.
Adam and Eden fell in love as teens despite the fact that they live on twinned worlds with gravities that pull in opposite directions. Ten years after a forced separation, Adam sets out on a dangerous quest to reconnect with his love. [imdb]

Starring Julianne Moore, Alexander Skarsgård, Steve Coogan; directed by Scott McGehee, David Siegel.
Drama, 2012, R, 99 min.
In New York City, a young girl is caught in the middle of her parents' bitter custody battle. [imdb]

Starring Kaya Scodelario, James Howson, Solomon Glave; directed by Andrea Arnold.
Drama, 2011, Not Rated, 130 min.
A poor boy of unknown origins is rescued from poverty and taken in by the Earnshaw family where he develops an intense relationship with his young foster sister, Cathy. Based on the classic novel by Emily Bronte. [imdb]

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