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PVN will be pleased to discuss your video project ideas and communications needs, and work with you to offer a project proposal to meet your budget realities.  Every project is a little different, but PVN's cost recovery is based on these basic rates:

Service FY'14 Rates

Creative Planning and Production Services - including script development and writing, consulting, and live direction


Professional Video Recording - including camera, basic lighting and audio treatment (digital DVCAM, HDV, and HD formats)


Professional Digital Editing - including timeline editing, light graphic design, and basic DVD authoring


Video Encoding, to prepare your content for sharing online - including filetypes mp3, mp4, Quicktime, Flash, Windows Media


Streaming Archived Video - hosting your content as flash/mp4 video files on our managed streaming server

$200/month base streaming cost;
Storage cost of $1.50/month/each 500MB

Live Streaming/Webcast - sending produced video of you live event to a worldwide audience of online viewers

$250/hr for estimated audience of up to 300 simultaneous viewers;
$500/hr for estimated audience of over 300 simultaneous viewers

In addition to these services, we can also work with you to provide media duplication (VHS, DVD, CD); podcast development and audio recording/editing; developing video strategies to best use video for instruction and pedagogy, such as for Coursera; and much more.