University of Pennsylvania


Get Involved!

  1. Sign up for the WPPSA list-serv by by emailing the WPPSA Chair, Marcia Dotson
  2. Join the Assembly and plan to attend the next general membership meeting.
  3. Join the newly formed WPPSA Outreach Team. For additional information, contact Sarah Gish-Kraus, and Elly Porter-Webb,

    December 4, 2014

  4. See the University Committees page.
  5. Volunteer to help with event planning. Contact the WPPSA Chair, Marcia Dotson
  6. Become a building flyer coordinator. Let the Co-Chair of the WPPSA know that you are willing to post WPPSA event flyers in your building.
  7. Pull for the Philadelphia Ronald McDonald House! WPPSA is collecting soda pop tabs for the Ronald McDonald House. Click here to learn more.

Curious about What We're Working On?